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Taylor Kitsch Weighs In On Charming Potato STEALING His Gambit Role

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | July 8, 2015 |

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | July 8, 2015 |

There was a lot of sadness around these parts when it was announced that Charming Potato would be replacing Taylor Kitsch as Gambit in the X-Men franchise, especially considering how much time and effort Kitsch put into twirling that stick.


Of course, there was also a lot of celebration when Tatum took on the role, because Rebecca has NO FEELINGS.

To his credit, however, Taylor Kitsch doesn’t seem too bummed about it, at least publicly, as he told The Daily Beast that he didn’t even get a crack at returning for the stand-alone film. However, he wishes CTates nothing but the best.

Did you get a crack at the part before they cast Channing?

Um…no, I didn’t have a go. Ever since we finished the movie, it’s never really been an option. But no, I wish [Channing] nothing but the best. It was a fun character to play, and I learned a lot working with Hugh [Jackman] and had an amazing time in Australia. I’m sure they’re doing their own thing with it, and I’m sure Channing will be great.

That’s a classy response, though you just know his heart was breaking inside. But he has no regrets, about Gambit or the two box-office flops that derailed “Taylor Kitsch: Action Star.”

Did you become more patient with your choices of roles after John Carter and Battleship?

A lot of those were no-brainers to me, too—all the fights that me and [Andrew] Stanton had to try and get John Carter made. And Pete Berg, too. I was talking to Pete literally a couple of hours ago and we’re looking to do something together sooner rather than later. We had such an amazing time on Battleship and Lone Survivor, and the shorthand me and Pete have and the relationship we have off-camera is really good. It was a string of really good opportunities that were no-brainers. And Savages, too. I would do all of those all over again. In the sense of patience, the game is a lot different now than it was even four years ago. A lot of the good material is going to cable shows, and the last two years I’ve been working with HBO. It’s about trying to find that good material, and a lot of times it’s not being made into films. The game has definitely changed.

You know what? I think it’s only fair, since Charming Potato is taking on the Gambit role, that Taylor Kitsch replace Tatum in Magic Mike XXXL.


Source: The Daily Beast

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