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So What Should GQ Have Called Amber Rose? Here Are 5 Answers Better Than 'Kanye's Ex'

By Emily Cutler | Celebrity | October 21, 2015 |

By Emily Cutler | Celebrity | October 21, 2015 |

Not your finest work, GQ.

The men’s magazine just did a profile of Rose’s new book How to Be a Bad Bitch, and apparently took no notice to the title. One would have to assume based on that title that one should not fuck with Amber Rose. And what did GQ do? They fucked with Amber Rose.

Whew. Really? Two mentions of Rose’s physical appearance, being referred to in context of her relationships with men, called a “megalomaniac muse,” and another reference to Kanye? Was this supposed to be flattering or a takedown piece? Because it sure felt more like the latter.

Maybe the issue is that GQ has yet to figure out how to label entertainers/figures that don’t fit a specific mold. We here at Pajiba are just getting used to the fact that YouTube Stars are a thing now. But we here at Pajiba are also about educating the masses on these delicate issues. So what should GQ have called Rose instead?

1.) Author
You know, because you were talking about the book that she just wrote. It might not sit well with everyone but after writing a book that is published and for which you are paid, you are technically an author. Meaning both Amber Rose and Lauren Conrad get to use that title. GQ should have also.

2.) Feminist, Advocate, and Activist
Not being paid for something doesn’t mean that your activities and passions can’t be your “work.” She organized and attended her Slut Walk in LA, she made her Funny or Die video imagining a world with the Walks of No Shame, she turned herself into a walking comment section to combat negative labels, she was involved in the NOH8 campaign. But those things aren’t as important as making sure we know who the father of her child is?

Hey, Amber, making next you should work on a project to find out why GQ refers to you as “Kanye’s infamous ex” while Paris Hilton is “international It girl” and Kim Kardashian is “Woman of the Year.”

(And speaking of the Kardashians, yes, I know Rose engaged in some Twitter-feud, slut shaming of Kim. Being an advocate doesn’t mean you’re perfect.)

3.) Former Stripper
She doesn’t shy away from it. Why should GQ?

4.) Model
Another job for which Rose was hired and paid. Maybe the didn’t want to get into the activism/ advocacy stuff in the intro paragraph because that’s harder to describe concisely. But we know what a “model” is.

5.) Entrepreneur
You know what nobody knows, though? What an entrepreneur is. We know it’s every third dude wearing a suit, that it’s a strong indication that the person saying it believes him- or herself to be significantly smarter than most people, and that it usually results in someone living off of a trust fund. But what they actually do? No idea. So throw that label on Rose. She does shit. She does some really kick ass shit, some shit that makes her money, and some shit that is supposed to make the world a better place.

And as long as she’s doing shit and GQ is supposed to be a medium that works in describing people and things using words, it’s best for everyone that they not describe a fully formed human being as the girlfriend of dudes they know.

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