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Shonda Rhimes Straight Up Calls Katherine Heigl an Asshole

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | October 9, 2014 |

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | October 9, 2014 |

Last night, Cindy wrote about the THR interview with Shonda Rhimes, in which Rhimes blasted the media — and people in general — for making her gender and race part of the discussion when it comes to her and her series.

I applaud that, and if we’re going to leave race and gender out of it, I would like to note that the three shows that Rhimes currently has running on Thursdays nights on ABC are crap. They are highly addictive, incredibly well (and diversely) cast crap, but they are crap. Their addictiveness also has an expiration date: I watched Grey’s until T.R. Knight left and Scandal until this year’s season premiere, but as soon as Olivia brushed up against the President’s hand, it became obvious where the show was heading, and I refuse to watch another season of that toxic, abusive relationship play out. I’ve seen Scott Foley get tossed aside for lesser men TOO MANY TIMES.

Meanwhile, How to Get Away with Murder has that exhilarating, first-season Shonda Rhimes addictiveness, but it may not even last until the winter finale, in part because nobody on the goddamn show has ever apparently been to law school or even bothered to talk to someone who went to law school before they made the show. Rhimes’ understanding of the law is nil. It’s so bad that I briefly considered a weekly column in which I pointed out all the things that How to Get Away with Murder gets wrong about the law and law school, until someone suggested to me that I leave it alone and appreciate that an awesome, black female is dominating television.

I am going to leave it alone, however. Not because of Rhimes’ gender, race, or level of awesomeness, but because nobody gives a shit about my nitpicks, and it’s not like Suits understanding of the law is any better (every case is solved on that show with a manilla folder with a piece of paper inside of it), and I’ve been watching Suits for a shameful number of seasons.

I got off track here, didn’t I? Oh yeah! In that interview, Rhimes also confirmed what we all knew about Katherine Heigl on Grey’s Anatomy. She was horrible.

Speaking about running a tight ship on the Scandal set, Rhimes told [THR] of her “no assholes” policy, “There are no Heigls in this situation…I don’t put up with bulls—t or nasty people. I don’t have time for it.”

Well, that was direct. I would probably also put Isaiah Washington into that category with Heigl, and we don’t know what Columbus Short was like on the set, but away from it, he was evidently a terror.

Meanwhile, we don’t know if Heigl is still an asshole (the showrunner on her upcoming NBC show has already quit), but she has been doing some thing that have made her far more likable.

Source: E!

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