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Please Make A Lin-Manuel Miranda Musical Adaptation of The Space Opera 'Saga' A Real Thing

By Kristy Puchko | Celebrity | January 12, 2018 |

By Kristy Puchko | Celebrity | January 12, 2018 |


You should be reading Saga. If you’ve ever met a person who reads comics, you’ve probably been informed of this. Saga is all kinds of sensational. But aside from the rich and gripping story of love, war, and fucking, aside from writer Brian K. Vaughan’s brilliance in crafting complex characters, and artist Fiona Staples’s awe-inspiring drawings of these characters and weird worlds, there’s a new and thrilling reason to get on board the Saga train: Lin-Manuel Miranda has been granted permission to adapt it into a musical.

Okay. So not, like, officially with contracts and all that rigamarole. But here’s what’s going on: In April of 2016, The New York Times interviewed the Hamilton creator for their Book Review section. Asked what the last “great book” he read was, the actor/singer/dancer/writer/ray of human sunshine said:

The last great book I read was catching up on Saga, the graphic novel series. An incredible world in which to get lost.

Now, because of this incredible world, many Saga fans have been fascinated with the idea of a movie or TV adaptation. But honestly, flip through an issue and you’ll quickly realize what a daunting (read: expensive) proposition a live-action movie or TV series would be, what with the outlandish characters who boast wings, horns, spider bodies, and dangling translucent intestines.


More importantly, Vaughn and Staples told Vulture they have “no plans” to adapt it. Even though Tessa Thompson has suggested she’d star. (And frankly, she’d be PERFECT to play moody, sexy badass Alana!)

However, all their hesitance about adaptation melted away when Vulture mentioned the possibility of a Miranda musical:

BKV: We’ve never spoken with Mr. Miranda, but seeing Hamilton on stage was one of the greatest experiences of my artistic life, and it’s a ridiculous honor to know he reads our work. I know I said we’re not pursuing adaptations, but if Lin-Manuel ever wants to mount a Saga musical, it’s all his, wouldn’t you say, Fiona?

FS: Absolutely! I bet Fard has great pipes.

Wondering what Fard is? NFSW/upsetting reveal at link!

All kidding/giddiness aside, a stage adaptation of Saga could actually be brilliant. You wouldn’t need the wings and horns to look photo real. Instead, the production could go Lion King on Broadway style, making more abstract costumes and interpreting the characters in a way that’d give them new life on stage. Plus, the motivations of the books could make for some seriously stirring songs. Imagine the screaming match between Marko and Alana as a rap battle, or the introduction of Iszabel as a spooky techno jam, or Marko getting left behind as the soul-shattering act break number! Plus, the themes of hope, rebellion, and “young, scrappy and hungry” heroes is very on Miranda’s brand.

Despite being very vocal on Twitter, Miranda hasn’t responded to this proposition yet. But his love of Saga has been well-established there.

Real Talk: We could all use a Lying Cat right now.


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