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Hey Pauley Perrette, Sasha Alexander: Defending Michael Weatherly, an Abuser, Isn’t a Good Look

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | December 16, 2018 |

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | December 16, 2018 |


2018 keeps on 2018-ing, friends. Remember how sexual harasser and general garbage person Michael “I’m a Real A*sshole” Weatherly not only harassed Eliza Dushku, but got her fired from his show, because he thought it was okay to engage in abusive behavior towards costars?

…And how the other men in charge were not only okay with this, they actively defended him to Dushku’s lawyers, until they were dumb enough to turn over tapes that clearly demonstrated the abuse?

…And how Weatherly issued a half a*sed apology for the abuse because he got caught dead to rights and the network had to pay out (begrudgingly) nearly $10 million dollars to Dushku?

So we all remember that, yes? How Michael Weatherly is a sexual harassing abuser?


Cool. Cool. Cool.

So, hypothetically speaking, if you knew someone named Michael Weatherly, and all hell was rightfully breaking loose for him because he abused his co-worker, what would your first thought be?

I mean, I know my answer. He’d get an all-caps text telling him that he was dead to me, to lose my number, and that I firmly believe you are the company you keep, and I don’t keep company with abusers. Then I would never speak of him again, and if asked by anyone, would simply say: “I stand with women. That piece of sh*t is dead to me.”

You know what I wouldn’t do?



Or This.

Sasha Alexander.png

I would not post a picture, telling said abuser that I loved him, and vouch for his character like both Pauley Perrette and Sasha Alexander did.

I think it’s great that they weren’t abused by their coworker (Michael Weatherly, who by the way, did I mention he’s an abusive sexual harasser?!) Hell, I wish I could say that about every woman: that they were not abused by Michael Weatherly, the workplace sexual harasser. Yet I cannot, because guess what? He has. He’s done it to at least Eliza Dushku, and it was so rampant and horrible that she was awarded a seven-figure settlement for it.

There is literally no upside for these two women to do this, and I screenshot it because at a certain point self-preservation is going to kick in, and they will undoubtedly delete this nonsense. Frankly, because both posts happened on a Saturday, it makes me think that they’re cheap and don’t pay their team to work on weekends because literally no one with an ounce of common sense would tell them it was a good idea to do this.

On the plus side, I can now safely write off both women now and forever—their work and opinions. You know what I won’t do though? I won’t disbelieve them if they ever come forward with their own stories of abuse. Want to know why? Because I believe women. Even garbage women, like these two chicks are.

So congratulations Sasha Alexander, Pauley Perrette you are now officially complicit. You have decided to side with a man who has publicly apologized for the abusive behavior he exhibited towards a co-worker. You are no friend to women, but you are a friend to Michael Weatherly, known sexual abuser. So…congratulations, I guess?

Fox News will see you now.

Kate is a staff contributor. You can follow her on Twitter.

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