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Paris Hilton Buys Dog/Tribble Hybrid for $13,000

By Genevieve Burgess | Celebrity | September 13, 2014 |

By Genevieve Burgess | Celebrity | September 13, 2014 |

This week Paris Hilton bought a creature that most media outlets are calling a “dog” but looking at the photos I think what she actually bought is either an oversized hamster or the beginning of the Tribble invasion. Look:

My family has owned dogs my whole life, and we have had dogs on the smaller side. Our yorkie/min pin mix was only about 13lbs. But it looked like a dog. This thing looks like a very inaccurate but adorable stuffed toy you buy a child. Both our cats could probably take that thing out by sitting on it, and one of our cats is permanently stunted.

Ms.Hilton did also post this short video, which lends more support to my overgrown hamster theory.

Apparently, one of these things will set you back about $13,000. I guess when you have the kind of money Paris Hilton has, that seems reasonable. I mean, it’s what she makes in about 10 minutes on a slow night DJing. I think the only way I could spend an equivalent portion of my income on a dog would be if I picked one up off the street that somehow miraculous had all its shots, was spayed/neutered, and yet still needed a home. And I do mean literally off the street, most adoption fees would far outstrip what I make in 10 minutes. That’s a wonderful thought to start Saturday with, isn’t it?