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Orlando Bloom Broke Every '90s Child's Heart At Last Night's Met Gala

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | May 3, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | May 3, 2016 |

The theme for last night’s Met Gala (the Oscars of weird-ass fashion choices) was Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology. There was a lot of weirdness, some vaguely technological elements, and then there was Orlando Bloom. Orlando Bloom, who clipped a Tamagotchi to his tux and called it a day.


ARE YOU KIDDING ME, BLOOM? You know how there’s always that one asshole who comes to the costume party and doesn’t just refuse to wear a costume, but comes with the faintest hint of an ironic costume, just to make it really super clear how uncool he thinks costume parties are? THAT’S ORLANDO BLOOM. This is some Three Hole Punch Jim level apathy.


Now, Katy Perry, that browless elf-phile, also strapped on a Tamogatchi, but she at least had the sense to bury it under whatever weird chastity gown theme is happening here.


But what makes this whole enthusiasm suck of an outfit even worse is the fact that either as a statement (giving way too much credit there) or by lack of fucks given (yup), Orlando Bloom was wearing not just a Tamagotchi, BUT A DEAD TAMAGOTCHI.

For those not the exact right age to catch this fad, a Tamagotchi is a little electronic pet that was the Beanie Babies of the mid-90s. It was an obsession, not to be taken lightly. This thing did basically nothing, but died easily, and when it did inevitably die (from lack of food, care, or cleaning up its poop), it was as devastating as watching your Oregon Trail daughter die of dysentery.

Thanks a lot, Orlando Bloom, for casting a cloud of preteen pet despair over the entire Met Gala.

H/T Daily Dot.