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Old People Explainer: Who Is Addison Rae’s Mom? And What Is a Yung Gravy?

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | August 31, 2022 |

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | August 31, 2022 |


Yesterday, after we learned that Leonardo DiCaprio had broken up with Camila Morrone, another woman dumped after she turned 25 — Kaleena joked about finding another 22-year-old to date and be forced to talk about Yung Gravy. This was the first time I’d ever heard of something called a Yung Gravy. Unfortunately, the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon kicked in, and now I can’t seem to escape him.

Yung Gravy — aka Matthew Raymond Hauri — is a rapper best known for a song called “Mr. Clean” that gained traction on Soundcloud. I know that I’m throwing a lot of new words at you but stick with me. He recently released a song called “Betty (Get Money),” which charted on the Gen X charts, Billboard, and to bring this back to something on our level, the song heavily samples Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.” I’m not a fan of the song, but your mileage may vary.

Yung Gravy is 26 years old.

You might be more familiar with Addison Rae. She’s best known by her 88 million followers as a TikTok star, but also known by the 270 people who watched it as the star of Netflix’s She’s All That remake, He’s All That. Kayleigh also wrote about her last year — she’s the TikTok star who taught Jimmy Fallon a few of her dances, which she stole from others. She made $8.5 million last year ripping off other people’s moves.

But we’re not talking about Addison Rae. We’re talking about her mom, Sheri Easterling. A lot of these youths with their TickityTock followings have also expanded their brand to their families. You may recall “The D’Amelio Show,” the Hulu series chronicling the life of Tik Tok star Charlie D’Amelio and her family. The Rae Family, meanwhile, has a YouTube channel, and as I understand from my own kids, YouTube is where the olds and the lames go now.

Sheri Easterling split from Addison Rae’s Dad, Monty Lopez, earlier this year because Lopez was cheating on her with younger women. Here’s a passage on the controversy caused by the Rae family from, uh, NBC News, the former home of Tom Brokaw:

Videos posted to TikTok in recent weeks have sparked a media firestorm surrounding the family of Addison Rae Easterling, 21, who has become one of the internet’s most recognizable stars and counts more than 88 million followers on the platform. The videos appear to show Monty Lopez, 46, Rae’s father, flirting with young women over FaceTime and touching one woman’s backside at a bar. Lopez has not addressed the videos and did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Since then, the family’s every move on social media has sparked fresh cycles of speculation and led to further allegations about Lopez, including claims of infidelity. Rae and her mom, Sheri Easterling, 42, unfollowed Lopez on Instagram. Easterling changed her Instagram bio to “single mom” and released a statement that said in part: “I will be okay. My biggest concern is — and always will be — my children and their fragile hearts and minds.”

Isn’t this what happened to the Jon and Kate Plus 8 people?

Bygones. The point is that Addison Rae’s mom is now dating Yung Gravy, and they made their red carpet debut over the weekend at the VMAs.


Monty Lopez, meanwhile, reacted with some real divorced dad energy, posting to Instagram Stories a shirtless selfie and the comment, “Unbothered! Thank you @youngravy for taking the leftovers!” No wonder Rae stopped following her own father on social media. If this were my dad, I would die.

As for Yung Gravy and Sheri Easterling … apparently, Gravy goes great with Leftovers (booooooo, self). “I’m into MILFs and she’s kind of the queen of MILFs, so I figured it was just a perfect match,” Gravy said while on the VMA’s red carpet.

I should also mention, to torture those of you still reading, that at some point, Monty Lopez challenged Yung Gravy to a boxing match. He declined, and Lopez responded accordingly:

@montyjlopez @Yung Gravy 🍯 #whooping #scared #celebrityboxing ♬ original sound - KnightLite95

Thank you for taking this journey with me.