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National Treasure Cher Spreads Her Joy on ‘Ellen’ and Sh*ts on Madonna in the Process

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | September 24, 2018 |

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | September 24, 2018 |


If you ever wanted to know who Cher most wants to duet with it’s Pink, Adele…and not Madonna. Sorry, Madge.


Earlier today, Ellen posted a segment with Cher and Ellen playing the ‘5 Second Rule’, where they had to come up with 3 answers to a question in 5 seconds. In 5 short minutes, Cher manages to put down Madonna, call Ellen a bitch, and tell everyone that a great way to make fast money is by hooking. None of that is an exaggeration.

There is nothing I want to see more than these two diva-titans trade barbs publicly for the next few months. We need this feud to reignite in order to distract from the complete and unending tire-fire going on in Washington. Please, oh please, do not let this be the last time in 2018 Cher says something bitchy against Madonna. This is the feud we need.


In honor of what I hope to be the first shots fired of many in the on-going feud of Cher vs Madonna, I present to you some of the best and bitchiest quips traded between the two.

Don’t worry, lest you think this is a one-sided affair, Madonna gets her snide remarks in, too.

When the stakes are low-level, and the barbs are kept fairly benign by name-calling standards, we all win.

…Because, look, if Madonna isn’t fazed by it, neither should we be. Gotta love Madge; she plays this feud cool by ignoring Cher. Look what she posted after the clip went live.

We can only hope that Cher coaxes Madonna into saying something back, because both of these women know how to play the game, and have been at it for years.

So because Madonna hasn’t let Cher have it (yet), I leave you with a proxy dishing it out— the classic fight scene in Mermaids.


Kate is a staff contributor. You can follow her on Twitter.

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