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Meghan McCain Actually Has a Valid Reason to Repeatedly Say Her Dad's Name This Time

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | May 30, 2019 |

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | May 30, 2019 |


Donald Trump’s presidency is a never-ending turd flume of awful. When his administration isn’t murdering caged children through draconian conditions to the cheers of fat-jowled racists who live nowhere near the goddamn border, it’s paving the way for women to be jailed for the cardinal sin of having sex that doesn’t result in a live baby that can be tossed into America’s ongoing Christo-fascist woodchipper of unaffordable health care and school shootings. The guy sucks on the whole.

On top of all that, Trump is an easily triggered crazy person who’s so averse to criticism that the White House is now actively trying to hide names he doesn’t like from his gaze. Granted, this involves making a huge assumption that the president can read, but it has led to hilariously despotic moments such as this.

Via CNN:

President Donald Trump and John McCain’s long-running feud is back in the spotlight following reports that White House and lower-level US Navy officials traded emails about keeping a warship named from the late senator’s father and grandfather out of sight ahead of the President’s trip to Japan.

Two Navy officials confirmed to CNN Wednesday night that the White House Military Office asked lower-level US Navy officials about keeping the ship out of view. One of the Navy officials further clarified Thursday morning that the discussion included obscuring the ship or moving it, which was not practical because the ship was under repairs at the time.

“Once leadership heard about it, they said knock it off,” a senior Navy official told CNN.

For the record, Trump denies knowing anything about the efforts to hide the USS John McCain from his orange, butthole-shaped eyes, which I fully believe because he’s a f*cking idiot. However, it doesn’t change the fact that the people who work for Trump know that he will absolutely lose his sh*t if he even sees John McCain’s name, which makes me wonder what the hell we even have a 25th amendment for.

Anyway, you’ll probably notice that I just said the words “John McCain,” so you know exactly where this is going. And for once, the person I’m about to quote actually has a leg to stand on. This time.

Via The Daily Beast:

“The president’s actions have consequences,” [Meghan McCain] added. “When you’re repeatedly attacking my father and war heroes it creates a culture in the military where people are fearful to show my father’s name in one way or another. That’s what started this chain of events and actions.”

The conservative host went on to claim that Trump is “putting people in the Navy in horrific situations” because sailors are afraid there will be retribution against them just for being on a certain ship.

As much as it seems like I spend my evenings digging through Meghan McCain’s trash hoping to find a banana peel with the words “John McCain’s daughter” carved into it, and then either burning said peel or adopting it as my child — I may have said too much here — there’s no way that I’m going to argue that she shouldn’t make a feast out of this. And, boy, did she.

“Putting a note on this, there’s a lot of criticism of media of how often I speak of my father,” McCain declared. “It’s impossible to go through the grief process when my father, who has been dead for ten months, is constantly in the news cycle because the president is so obsessed with the fact that he’s never going to be a great man like he was.”

Following raucous applause, McCain proceeded to say that it is a “bizarre way” to grieve the late senator and “say good-bye to my dad.” Believing that her father’s legacy is being weaponized and asking for “more compassion,” McCain said she does her best to be “as stoic as possible” but she’s still sad.

“I’m sorry if nine months isn’t enough for me to move on,” she continued. “When Trump is doing this, it makes it harder.”

While every fiber of my being wants to point out that even before he died, Meghan used her dad’s name hundreds of times for topics that didn’t involve Trump — and hell, she’s even used her dad’s name to defend Trump policies because, remember, it’s always party first for the McCains — I can’t in good conscience criticize her in this specific situation because grief is a complicated subject, and my writing is barely one step above Homer Simpson pounding on a keyboard.

I will, however, note that the first thing I saw this morning was a clip of Elizabeth Warren talking about impeachment on The View and continuing to demonstrate that she needs to be president ASA-f*cking-P. But what’s most amazing about the clip is that Meghan doesn’t say a single word. Not one! She just sits there quietly, which means she was clearly promised an entire segment on the boat thing if she could not be Meghan for two minutes.

But only two minutes because I’m not sure if you’ve heard: She’s John McCain’s daughter.