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ABC Had to Tell Meghan McCain to Stop Cursing out Producers on 'The View'

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | June 27, 2019 |

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | June 27, 2019 |


If there’s a dead horse we’ve turned into so many buckets of glue, it’s that Meghan McCain constantly looks like she’s about to ask for the manager. On a scale from Karen to Becky, she’s Kate Gosselin’s old haircut. But this week something different happened: The manager asked for Meghan. Specifically the human resources manager for ABC after Meghan called a producer a “motherf*cker” because he… *checks note*… made her look like an idiot on TV. Wow, how do I put this? Has Meghan McCain ever watched Meghan McCain before?

The Daily Mail reports:

On Tuesday, the daughter of the late Senator John McCain lost her cool during a commercial break following a segment where she confused Willamette College of Law Professor Warren Binford - who appeared on CNN to describe viewing the horrific immigration conditions for children - with Sarah B. Fabian, a Justice Department lawyer that McCain called a ‘holdover from the Obama administration.’

The on-air snafu caused the show’s moderator Whoopi Goldberg to restart the segment, and they tried to have the conversation again. But during the commercial break all hell broke loose.

‘Meghan became unhinged! She screamed, ”This is some bullsh*t! What are you producers good for?”’ a source with the show tells DailyMailTV.

‘As usual, a bunch of producers ran to calm her, but before they could she turned to the show’s executive producer Brian Teta and said,”You motherf***er, how could you let this happen to me?”

‘All of this happened in front of the live studio audience.’

If you’ve been stalking Debbie Dijonnaise as diligently as I have, then you probably noticed that this little outburst occurred on the same day that Meghan downplayed children dying in concentration camps because how dare people use the word “torture” outside the context of MY FATHER JOHN MCCAIN? It’s also less than 24 hours after she defended Donald Trump from yet another rape accusation, so it’s safe to say that Meghan has been feeling herself this week. (Easy, Mike…) And why wouldn’t she? Turns out she has a powerful ally at ABC, and somehow, it’s not a blood relative. Wait, that can’t be right.

‘Top ABC News executive James Goldston is Meghan’s biggest fan. Despite what she’s done to morale behind the scenes at the show and despite the viewer feedback on her being dreadful, he’s enamored with her family legacy.

‘At this point, Meghan is starring in the talk show version of How To Get Away With Murder,’ explained the source.

When contacted about the incident by DailyMailTV, an ABC spokesperson responded: ‘Meghan has a great relationship with Executive Producer Brian Teta. Their exchange during the commercial break was playful and nothing more. Making something more of it is completely ridiculous.’

Because I’m the jealous type, I did a little Googling, and James Goldston is more than just a “top ABC News executive.” He’s the goddamn president. As for his politics, he seems like your typical rich, white, “both sides” head of a television news department. So, of course, he thinks Meghan comes from a hallowed line of distinguished bipartisanship despite the fact that MY FATHER JOHN MCCAIN consistently voted Republican and Meghan has seen The Federalist naked. But to Goldston it’s as simple as Joy and Whoopi say their thing, Meghan blurts out a bucket of demonstrable bullsh*t as if it’s just as valid, and that’s how you make the bland tapioca of daytime news, baby. Get some.

Header Image Source: The View/YouTube