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Louis CK Threatens to Sue Audience If They Tweet His Jokes

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | May 6, 2019 |

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | May 6, 2019 |


Because our world continues to remain an over-flowing toilet filled with freshly delivered awful, Louis CK is back in the news thanks to an odd notice sent out by the Acme Comedy Co.. Turns out, Louis did not appreciate everyone reporting that his new material includes transphobic jokes and mocking school shooting victims to win over his new audience of pure f*cking a**holes. So his solution to that problem is threatening to sue anyone and everyone who dares to tweet about his jokes, which is going really well for him. 10 out of 10 outcome.

Naturally, the overwhelming and correct response to CK’s latest bullshit is, “Now he cares about consent?” which you can see splattered all over the internet. However, the darker implication is that Louis CK is once again forcing people to watch him perform and then threatening them if they talk. The asshole can’t help but tell everyone who he truly is.

As for the debate over sharing comedians’ jokes on Twitter and how it has a deleterious effect on their sets, I get the use of Yondr pouches to an extent. But like everything in life, the Louis CK situation requires nuance, and frankly, it’s nuance that isn’t that difficult to apply.

When CK’s “Fox News uncle with a mic set” was leaked back in December, a very on-brand Doug Stanhope started crowing about piracy as if this one instance suddenly signaled open game on bootlegging comedy sets. Christ, the CK video was pulled over copyright infringement. The system worked, but that’s not the point I’m making here. While you can argue over the merits of reporting comedians’ jokes outside of a comedy club — My opinion? Do it — that all flies out the window with Louis. We’re talking about an admitted sexual abuser who is so “prolific” that we’re constantly told that his voice just had to return to the stage, it would be a crime if he didn’t. So it is absolutely in the public interest to find out what the hell he’s saying onstage that’s worth spitting in the face of sexual assault victims. What level of transcendent jokes is he making that’s worth glossing over the women who were allegedly threatened and blacklisted by CK’s manager because they made the mistake of being anywhere near his d*ck? Because I’m pretty sure it’s not this.

Via Rolling Stone:

“They tell you what to call them - ‘You should address me as they, them, because I identify as gender neutral.’ Oh okay, okay. ‘You should address me as there, because I identify as a location, and the location is your mother’s c*nt.’”

Yup, that’s definitely a voice we need on stage to speak truth to power or whatever the f*ck Comedy Central is putting in front of its YouTube videos now. Have you seen that sh*t? If you’re quoting Thomas Paine before a Dane Cook bit, you should probably rethink your whole life.

Anyway, here are two solid Twitter threads that aren’t about CK’s newfound love for consent.


Mike is a Staff Contributor living in Pennsyltucky. You can follow him on Twitter.

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