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Lena Dunham Goes Into 'Rage Spiral' Over Sexual Abuse Allegations, and Amanda Palmer Comes to Her Defense

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | November 3, 2014 |

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | November 3, 2014 |

Let me back up a moment here in case those of you aren’t completely up to speed on everything Lena Dunham: The Girls star has released a memoir, and in that memoir, Not That Kind of Girl, Dunham confesses that as a child, she used to bribe her little sister for kisses with candy. No big deal, right?

It got a little creepy, however, when she confessed that when she was seven, she also once inspected her little sister’s vagina and found that she’d stuffed pebbles inside. That’s the kind of story that, depending on your perspective on Dunham, you can skew toward your liking (or disliking).

Some right wingers decided to skew it to their disliking, and misrepresented the story, initially claiming that Dunham was 17 when she was inspecting her little sister’s vagina, and framed the entire passage as an admission that she has sexuall abused her sister.

That’s far fetched, although come on Dunham! Why include those anecdotes at all? What are you trying to tell the world about yourself, other than you believe we should care about every single detail about your life.

No matter. The point is, some people framed it in a way that Dunham didn’t appreciate, and she got angry on Twitter:

(I had a little sister, and I can confess that I never inspected her vagina, and certainly not close enough to see pebbles, but whatever, I’ll concede the point. Maybe I just wasn’t as naturally curious. I am a bit of a dullard when it comes to my siblings’ genitalia).

In light of those accusations, Dunham decided to cancel an appearance on her book tour in Belgium.

Not that it was a huge boost of support, but over the weekend, Amanda Palmer also showed support for Dunham by pointing out an interview with Dunham in the Telegraph (there’s nothing of import in that interview).

The point is, it really doesn’t help Dunham to have Amanda Palmer aligning with her. After all, Palmer — who has illustrated her horribleness in many different ways — also announced last week that she will still feature Jian Ghomeshi as a guest at her show despite allegations of sexual abuse against him (he is NOT a good guy), and only changed her mind after her fans rightfully threw a fit.

What I’m saying is, for some of you, the combination of Lena Dunham and Amanda Palmer in one story is enough to burst your right ventricle. For those of you currently suffering from internal bleeding, I apologize. I take no joy in your pain (OK, maybe a little bit of joy, Jezzer).

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