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Kylie Jenner Spent $10,000 on Postmates Last Year, Is This a Sign of the Apocalypse?

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | January 30, 2019 |

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | January 30, 2019 |


Sometimes I feel like really wants a class war to happen—that’s why they run things like “Kylie Jenner Spent $10,000 on Food Delivery Last Year—Here’s What She Ordered on Postmates” Because no one really cares what a 21 year old orders that much, do they? I honestly don’t know which option is worse, here—riot or caring.

Yes friends, the youngest member of the OG Kardashian-Jenner clan spent $10,000 on 186 Postmates orders. When you do the math, that averages out to $53 per order, which isn’t too eye watering, but at 20/21 (Kylie’s age) I basically lived off of ramen and the occasional McDonalds trip when I was feeling flush. When I was an intern in DC (you know, a normal thing for a 21 year old to be) I was so broke that my friends and I would go to a bar at the bottom of Adam’s Morgan that would have a communal pot of chili for happy hour so we didn’t have to choose between booze and food. Believe it or not, I never got food poisoning from that! Oh, good times.

Anyway, People breaks it out what Kylie would order, and it’s typical stuff, she just did it in bulk. Her most “Kardashian” order was a bottle of Don Julio Añejo 1942 Tequila. According to the People article, Post Malone spent $40,000 on Postmates, which honestly makes more sense to me because his name does sound like a delivery service. Still doesn’t mean that really know who he is, or listen to any of his music.

Anyway, I dislike delivery apps because I’m a control freak and there’s no oversight for how your food is being transported once it leaves a restaurant, so I typically try to only order from places that have a delivery driver on staff. Probably doesn’t make it any better, but it’s the illusion of control, right?

I was a little disheartened to see that both Kylie and I had Postmates orders from Milkbar last year. Me, I spent $35, once, to basically try their crack pie and to be honest, I found it too sweet for my taste. Kylie seems to enjoy their “crunchy cereal shake” which sounds far too dairy and sugar-y for me, but I don’t really have a sweet tooth, so what do I know?

This, I know this—I scrolled through her Instagram feed to grab a picture for the header and it was one of the more depressing things I’ve done recently, and for someone who lives alone and writes fan letters to the original members of New Kids on the Block on a weekly basis that’s really saying something. She may have wealth and fame, but there is literally no spark in her eyes in any of these pictures and I suddenly feel tired and a little sad for her. She may have enough disposable income to spend it in stupid ways, but she doesn’t look very happy in any of her pics and that’s kind of heartbreaking.

So is this a sign of the apocalypse? Maybe because I’m feeling sorry for Kylie Jenner and to be honest I didn’t expect that to happen. She’s been in the machine from such an early age that she never really stood a chance, did she? Well, we’re not going to end this on a downer note, so here’s a gif of a robot dancing!


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Header Image Source: Kylie Jenner Instagram