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Keanu Reeves Is The Angel Of Bakersfield

By Mieka Strawhorn | Celebrity | March 27, 2019 |

By Mieka Strawhorn | Celebrity | March 27, 2019 |


Forget everything you’ve heard about Keanu Reeves being an ego-driven, hot-tempered monster whose youthful good looks are only the result of a shady bargain made with an elemental witch, and not a reflection of the goodness of his soul. Turns out, he’s actually a pretty nice dude. Keanu recently went through a harrowing air travel experience that caused him and his fellow passengers to be stranded in Bakersfield. BAKERSFIELD, PEOPLE! While some celebrities take to Twitter every time a Delta gate agent doesn’t bow deep enough for their liking, Keanu not only stayed mad chill, he helped to sort out the luggage situation, rallied the gang, and played local tour guide as the group rode in a van to their final destination. Well, not final final. He’s not the Angel of Death, he’s the Angel of Bakerfield! According to Vulture:

After his flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles was rerouted to Bakersfield due to a mechanical issue, the actor rallied his fellow passengers to make the best of a bad situation. After learning that the baggage handlers would not arrive to unload the broken plane for three hours, Keanu pitched to the group that they “*clap* hit the road” (the handclap is so important to this phrase) and worry about their bags later.

Here’s actual video footage of the AOB.

It’s unclear if the AOB was the one who arranged the van to transport these stranded souls from Bakersfield to Burbank, but there is no question that somebody’s prayers were answered that day when Keanu decided to entertain his fellow passengers by reading Bakersfield Fun Facts aloud from his phone.

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Hey everyone- There’s been a lot of attention about a recent story I posted about an “adventure” on a minibus with one of the great humanitarians (and fav actors) of our time. I don’t have anything to add other than that all the passengers were incredibly kind and lovely people, including the folks who took care of us in Bakersfield, CA. Perhaps though, with all this attention we can do some good. In the spirit of what a generous person Mr. Reeves is here are a few charities that you might consider donating to (if you don’t already). If you do have copies of the video (news outlets:), please attach links to these charities alongside them. Maybe we do a little good. 🙏 I posted direct links in my stories so you can easily click to each of these. 🚐🌴🦄💛 Song: It’s Such a Pretty World Today / Wynn Stewart #itssuchaprettyworldtoday

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Those prayers that were answered? Those were mine. Keanu reading me Bakersfield Fun Facts is a very specific kink I never thought I’d live to see fulfilled. The only thing missing was the nudity! If you scroll through on that post you can also hear Keanu playing some authentic Bakersfield music, which surprisingly isn’t just a chorus of demon screeches announcing your doom.

The AOB even lifted his celestial filter for a moment and posed for pictures with fans (if he keeps it on, any picture taken of him will appear as a glorious, blinding beam of light).

So let this be a lesson to us all: Don’t believe the devil’s lies about Keanu. He’s an excellent dude. And next time you find yourself passing through, under, or above the hellish pit called Bakersfield, California, remember that an Angel once passed through it.

Oh, and Bill and Ted 3: Face The Music is back on!


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