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Kanye West Returns To Twitter; Waxes Poetic About Art, Consciousness And Shoes

By Mieka Strawhorn | Celebrity | April 17, 2018 |

By Mieka Strawhorn | Celebrity | April 17, 2018 |


Twitter has been reduced to tumbleweeds (or maybe tumblrweeds is more accurate) and rubble since Kanye West deleted his account last May. But as the tiny green bud of spring rises from the stark winter earth, Kanye has emerged from hibernation and has begun Tweeting again. Some have speculated that he is fertilizing the barren earth in preparation for receiving his ever fecund seed in the form of a new album. Others believe Kanye is simply full to bursting with creative energy and provocative philosophies, which spring from his soul like a burst pollen sac. Whichever tortured metaphor you chose to believe, know that there is meaning in everything that Kanye does.

The least fun reason for Kanye to be back on Twitter is as a means to workshop some of his designs for his Yeezy fashion line. Take these shoes ugly ass shoes for example.

I’m sure there is some post-apocalyptic occasion where these kicks would be just the thing. A zombie barn dance or a hunting expedition for the last polar bear, for example.

Kanye’s also got some ideas for body art and is getting frisky with fonts!

Well, I guess that would be one way to keep The Blair Witch off your ass (or neck, as the case may be).

My favorite of Kanye’s most recent bout of tweets are his motivational tweets. Here’s something I really needed to hear today.

I mean, it’s like he was reading my mind! Everything in this junk drawer has GOT. TO. GO. Buh bye, crusty dried up rubber band! Adios, leaky pen stolen from reception at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe! Sayonara, maybe dead, maybe not dead generic AA battery! Arrivederci, ziplock bag filled with my mother’s ashes. Kanye says you’ve got to go so you’ve got to go!

That task done, I feel ready to move on to the next stage of transcendental Kanyism.

That popping sound you heard was cranium splitting open to the universe. Master, I am ready now to receive your divine gift: If you have a fucking album, drop that shit! It’s all we really want from you. Heed your own advice, Kanye.

Now give us some summer bops!

Mieka is a staff contributor. You can follow her on Twitter.