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Trans Rights protest Getty 3.jpg

Graham Linehan is Still a Transphobe and John Boyne's Defense of Him is Pathetically Ill-Informed

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Celebrity | September 5, 2023 |

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Celebrity | September 5, 2023 |

Trans Rights protest Getty 3.jpg

Transphobia is a rot at the heart of society, one that the media, politicians, and divorced social media CEOs are determined to fuel at any cost. We have seen hate crimes against trans people increase at alarming rates over the past few years, coinciding with a slew of anti-trans legislation and the amplification of bigoted voices in the press. Celebrities of varying levels of relevance have seen their public images receive renewed attention since it’s now profitable and cool (ew) to throw an already at-risk minority under the bus. A lot of this rhetoric has taken heavy swings into sexism, racism, biphobia, and anti-choice dialogue that could have come straight from the mouths of the Catholic League.

At the forefront of this mess is Graham Linehan, a former screenwriter who decided to torpedo his career and his marriage to spend all day calling trans people child groomers and spreading violent rhetoric towards the LGBTQ+ community. He’s so toxic that even all the other transphobes find him tedious, although he clearly serves a purpose to their rotten cause by making their more artfully worded bigotry seem ‘reasonable’ by comparison. It isn’t, obviously. As transphobia has gotten all the more hysterical, lie-ridden, and intensely queerphobic in scope, Linehan has tried to push himself to the top of the ladder as its almighty king. You know, protecting us poor ickle ladies from that which we don’t understand. Well, now he has another absolute loser standing by his side.

Author John Boyne is best-known for The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, a soppy fable that was so offensive in its portrayal of the Holocaust that the Auschwitz Museum had to take him to task. You might also know him for stealing a reference from The Legend of Zelda for one of his other books, not knowing the thing he was talking about was made-up by Nintendo. He’s spent a lot of time trying to position himself as one of those very reasonable centrist figures who’s sick of all the riff-raff and meanness, which, in practice, means he’s more likely to cozy up to the bullies than the victims. That was cemented when he issued an apology letter to Linehan, declaring him to be a ‘decent’ man who had sacrificed so much to keep women, girls, and gay and lesbian people safe.

Jesus fucking Christ, I hate this planet.


So, it’s obvious that Boyne has no effing idea what he’s talking about. He’s spent so long with his head in the sand that he demands citations to prove the sky is actually blue. This is a common tactic of both transphobes and the bigotry-adjacent centrist losers: Oh, but we didn’t know about all of this stuff (willingly or otherwise.) Boyne spends a lot of time on his verified Twitter account, so I imagine he had to go out of his way to miss stuff like Linehan calling David Tennant, the father of a non-binary child, a ‘groomer’ for wearing a t-shirt in support of trans kids.

Or when he used semi-naked images of teenagers across social media to attack trans kids.

Or when he declared trans rights to be a ‘perverted, paedophilic movement’.

Or when he set up a catfishing profile on trans-inclusive dating apps to go after lesbians (said profile set the age of 18.)

Or when he accused Charlize Theron of ‘transing her kids.’

Or when he went full anti-vaccine and anti-climate change, because one conspiracy inevitably leads to another. Or when he attacked the entire concept of pansexuality. Or when he compared medical treatment for trans kids to Nazi experiments in concentrations camps, something the UK’s special envoy on Holocaust issues condemned (guess he’s got something to chit-chat about with Boyne, eh?)

Need I go on? We could be here for hours detailing the extensive documentation of Linehan’s bullying transphobia and how he’s been willing to throw women, children, queer people, the Jewish community, and his own family under the bus to do so. To claim that Graham Linehan is concerned with protecting women is one of the most laughable lies of the decade so far. If he cared so much about women and children then why the hell is he so determined to label us all rapists?

John Boyne is, to put it politely, exceedingly ill-informed on an issue that has enough evidence to its name for him to claim mere ignorance. He thinks he’s being magnanimous, that he can somehow play the neutral middleman on an issue where there is no common ground. You’re either with trans people or you’re not. Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if he used this as his first stepping stone into a career of ranting about trans women on poorly attended marches with Nazi-adjacent anti-choicers who are doing more to hurt women than half the Tory government.

Trans rights forever.