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Joel McHale Reveals Shocking Information, Divulges that Chevy Chase Is a Huge Ass*ole (These Are Unrelated Things)

By Courtney Enlow | Celebrity | November 21, 2016 |

By Courtney Enlow | Celebrity | November 21, 2016 |

Joel McHale’s new book is out. Thanks for the Money details his rise from commercials to The Soup to Community, all on the back of his “smarmy dick” persona.

But it takes a smarmy dick to know one, so, unsurprisingly, McHale and his former co-star Chevy Chase didn’t get along. (“Join the club,” said literally everyone who’s ever met Chevy Chase.)

McHale speculates that Chase was jealous.

“On ‘Community,’ I was the tall, sarcastic, and — OK, I’ll say it — stunningly good-looking guy. Let’s face it: I had been cast in the classic ‘Chevy Chase’ role,” McHale wrote.

“This was probably very difficult for Chevy to come to grips with.”

Everyone knows that Chevy Chase is an absolute monster, but some of his outbursts are still surprising.

Sometimes Chase was just weird, as when he’d bellow out of nowhere, “I can still get erections!” He wouldn’t dance on-camera because he didn’t want to “look gay.”

But Chase, according to the book, could turn ugly, as he did when he told one of the actresses, “I want to kill you and then rape you.”

McHale thinks he meant it as a joke, “but everything he said had a weird sense of menace.”

Chase infamously used the N-word referring to two black cast members, Yvette Nicole Brown and Donald Glover, McHale wrote. He was balking at a scene where his character was accused of racism.

“Well if my character is this much of a racist, then why don’t I just put Donald and Yvette on my knees and call them n——-s?”

Chase then put an even stranger twist on the event by storming around the set shouting, “I’m not a racist!” He claimed the story was all over the internet, ruining his career. But there wasn’t a word of it on the Web. So that was odd.

Of course this is horrifying, but that’s not the most shocking revelation in the book.

Joel McHale’s majestic hair? Hair transplants. He’s had two.

OK, maybe that one’s not all that shocking either.