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Sure, Jim Carrey, A Weird Penis Painting Will Totally Teach Louis CK Not To Joke About School Shootings

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | January 4, 2019 |

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | January 4, 2019 |


Thanks to Louis CK revealing himself as nothing more than another transphobic white guy who thinks he’s a badass for mocking high school kids who don’t want to get f**king shot in the middle of algebra, a comforting amount of comedians on Twitter made it clear that they don’t consent to his latest dick move. Although, there were a few exceptions like Doug Stanhope who spent New Year’s Day yelling that the real tragedy is the fact that someone recorded CK’s set of untested material. Oh heavens no! Which reminds me of that time he tried to say the real abuser was Amber Heard and not a drunken scarecrow made out of bolo ties and scarves who needs his lines delivered through an earpiece. Doug has shit figured out.

Tom Segura also chimed in, which was disappointing because I thought he was better than this. Apparently not!

But now we’ve reached the surreal portion of the Louis CK responses because here’s Jim Carrey’s latest painting, which shows a giant Emma Gonzalez towering over a tiny stick figure portrayal of CK, who if you zoom in, also has his dick out. Works for me.

But here’s my favorite part of all this, if you check out PEOPLE’s coverage, someone actually took the time to blur the penis out. You can’t make this shit up. We’re talking a tiny, stick figure nubbin that’s barely visible unless you’re specifically looking for it, and yet that was enough for PEOPLE magazine to go, “Dear sweet God, a whiff of controversy. Sanitize it! Sanitize it before the masses turn on us and demand more stick figure dicks. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!”

This world is dumb.

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