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He Gets It: Seth Rogen Upped His Wardrobe Game Because He Knew He’d Be Standing Next to Charlize Theron

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | April 6, 2019 |

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | April 6, 2019 |


Friends, one of my pet peeves in life is specifically men who don’t bother to dress up. Look, I get it—you want to be comfortable, guy. Who doesn’t?! I promise you I don’t want to wear a bra out in public, because those things are pretty uncomfortable, but societal norms dictate I do it, lest I get called names and told I’m “asking for it.” So, I put one on because thems the breaks.

Women’s wardrobes are dictated within an inch of our lives, and has been basically for all of the history of humanity! Fun. We’re told what’s acceptable, what makes you look like a wh*re, what you can (and should) wear out in public, and for god’s sake, you had better look nice because we hate it when women look sloppy.

It’s no different when you’re an A-list movie star named Charlize Theron. I don’t know Charlize, but I guarantee you that sometimes she doesn’t feel like spending an hour slapping on makeup, putting on a fancy-schamcy dress, getting photographed at a premiere, and generally being a pretty movie star. But she has to do it because she has to look the part to sell the movie—and only pretty can sell a movie.

…That is, unless, you’re a dude. We know that there is a double standard in Hollywood—I mean, sure, you have George Clooney who always looks like a million bucks in his tux, but dudes like Adam Sandler wear their cargo shorts everywhere because they can get away with it. He can show up dressed like a slob and still get offered jobs.


Enter in Seth Rogen, who admitted he had to up his game since he would be doing the red carpet with Charlize in support of their new movie, Long Shot.

This is what he said to Entertainment Tonight:


Friends, this is a very small gesture, but it’s one I appreciate. He’s matching effort with effort, and it’s about time. If Charlize has to look good, then dammit, Rogen is going to look good, too! Carry on Seth, pretty looks good on you!

…Although it makes me kind of sad he’s not doing anything with Bjork on the horizon. Just think if he tried to match her red carpet energy.


Kate is a staff contributor. You can follow her on Twitter.

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