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Oh Happy Day! Guess Who's Left the Door Wide Open for Her Triumphant Twitter Return?

By Cindy Davis | Celebrity | January 27, 2016 |

By Cindy Davis | Celebrity | January 27, 2016 |

Last night’s Agent Carter was another delightful trip through the fantastic adventures of Peggy and the gang, as they play catch up with Whitney Frost, Dominic Cooper’s wonderful Howard Stark, and the Council of Nine. I particularly enjoyed some of the glorious lines, like Jarvis’ “I’ve no desire to spend the rest of time as a disembodied voice,” and Peggy telling Howard, “But they’re ready for a movie based on a comic book? Sounds like a dreadful idea!” As much fun as it is watching the show, there’s still a little something missing from our lives, and since it disappeared nothing has been the same.


No, not cookies! Sure, we like cookies, but wouldn’t you give away your entire at least half your stash just to see Hayley Atwell on Twitter again? There are many desserts, but there is NO OTHER Hayley Atwell.




Having curated and fed our addiction, at the very least Atwell should see that we need some goofy on-set candids of herself and James D’Arcy. I don’t know how we can be expected to go on like this; it’s like having the full jar of jelly and a loaf of bread, but not so much as a tiny schmear of peanut butter. We feel incomplete. The sky is dark, the clouds are grey and I don’t know how we can be expected (*insert Emo Ren quote here*)…hey, wait a minute. I think I see a little ray (Rey?) breaking through. That’s right, in the course of interviews about Agent Carter’ second season, there was one interviewer smart enough to ask THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION: Will we ever see Atwell back on Twitter? Here’s her thoughtful response:

“Aww! I think there’s a good chance. I just needed to have a break from it for awhile, because I realized that I was having a relationship with my phone and no one else. [Laughs] So I decided to put it down so I could actually have some human interaction, which has really been quite important. Yeah, but I think I will. If I can find a way of coming back on Twitter that doesn’t overtake my life and I can have moderation, then of course I will, because I enjoy it very much. I really have fun with it… I definitely wouldn’t rule it out, that I come back.”


Speaking of dancing, Atwell also discussed that ***Spoilers for upcoming Agent Carter Season 2, episode (#9, airing March 8th)
skip over if you’d rather not read***

dream dance sequence, which features the return of Lyndsy Fonseca’s Angie Martinelli.

“I mean, literally maybe up until a few days before we filmed that, we were still convinced that Tara and Michele, the showrunners, were just pranking us, that it was a complete joke. Even Enver, who plays Sousa, was like, ‘Oh yeah, I’m not falling for this, guys. I know that you like to make fun of me, and you think I’m going to be taken in by your games, but I’m not falling for this one.’ And they’re like, ‘No, we really are, and you will be dancing and singing.’ And it’s absolutely hilarious, and it was such a fun day of shooting. It was almost like — how do I describe it? You know when you’re a kid and the school does something kind of bizarre that day, which is not a part of the curriculum? Like, for me, it was “Own Clothes Day” — we had school uniforms — so the day that we were allowed to come in once a year in our own clothes. It was just crazy, but so fun and silly. That’s how it felt on set. We were doing a bloody music number! It was ridiculous. It was so silly and so fun. So we all felt like we were coming in on the weekend in a way. But it’s great. I think it kind of shows that the showrunners are willing to take risks, and they think the audience is going to have a fun time watching it. James and I and Enver and Lyndsy and Bridget [Regan] and Wynn [Everett], everyone — it was something so fun to do. We just kind of had a ball, really. And we kind of insisted that, if we go to a Season 3, we want an entire episode to be just a musical number. [Laughs]”

My gods, I cannot wait for that. The entire Atwell interview is well worth a read, and covers Peggy’s mindset and attitudes, and her differing relationships with Jarvis, Howard and Peggy’s nemesis, Whitney Frost.

Now, help me take up the chant for Hayley’s long-awaited Twitter return.


Agent Carter airs Monday nights on ABC.

Cindy Davis, (Twitter)