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'Game of Thrones'' Viserys Targaryen Lays Odds on Who'll Win the Iron Throne

By Cindy Davis | Celebrity | April 13, 2015 |

By Cindy Davis | Celebrity | April 13, 2015 |

Hey, remember Daenerys Targaryen’s not so smart, asshole older brother,Viserys — the one who treated her like shit, basically sold her to Drogo, and got his due comeuppance (golden crown) in a most spectacular way? Those were the days, huh?


Anyway, the actor who played Viserys — Harry Lloyd (The Theory of Everything, Wolf Hall — has a few predictions about who will end up on the iron throne, and though he looks so much better out of that blonde wig…


I’m not exactly sure he should be our go-to-man for such things. It’s always interesting to speculate, though, so here’s what the inferior Targaryen has to say about the “main contenders.”

On his beloved sister, Dany:

“Obviously, I have Targaryen sympathies. I’d still like to see her over there, ruling Westeros, even if she wouldn’t be able to return to the “Targaryen way of ruling. “She has no relatives, so it wouldn’t be a pure bloodline anymore. But that’s probably why they imploded. The more incestuous they got, the crazier they got.

I think the wisdom she has now is all learnt practically, whereas any wisdom Viserys had was all hypothetical, which only helps you so much. I can’t picture a happy Seven Kingdoms. You always imagine in a romantic way how Jon Snow would leave the Wall, and Daenerys and all the good guys would win. But there’s going to be a lot more blood spilled in Westeros.”

On Red-Woman-backed, Stannis Baratheon:

[Lloyd thinks Stannis had the best shot if the Lannister incest had become public.] “Everyone’s aware that he’s not the most charismatic of leaders, but he’s persistent, he’s able, he’s strong, and he’s principled. I imagine some kind of an alliance between him and the North, and then they can work their way South, to King’s Landing. [His] dangerous relationship with the Red Woman, Melisandre, is troubling. I guess when you take him, you take her as well.”

On Tommen Baratheon:

“He seems extremely vulnerable. He’s a puppet waiting for a hand, really, so I think it’s as unstable as it’s ever been. I don’t think he’s what the realm needs, and I don’t think he’s going to bring any kind of stability to the realm.” [‘Lloyd doesn’t think Tommen will rule’] “for much longer.”

On Myrcella Baratheon:

“I think that would come with its own set of controversy,if she’s the first-ever queen. [Except Rhaenyra Targaryen] I think that’s an interesting precedent. I think that with Daenerys potentially coming over, the idea of a female on the throne will be something that’s going to come up soon. But I don’t think Myrcella is necessarily the one to pioneer that, and it would give the Dornish court a huge amount of influence and power.”

Lloyd has also has thoughts on two extremely unlikely contenders; read more at Vulture

Cindy Davis, (Twitter)

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