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Foodgōd's 24K Gold Coated Chicken Wings Pretty Much Sum Up #Thesetryingtimes

By Mieka Strawhorn | Celebrity | May 16, 2018 |

By Mieka Strawhorn | Celebrity | May 16, 2018 |

Screenshot 2018-05-16 15.53.36.jpg

One of the most disgusting displays of American fuckery I’ve seen in recent weeks is the sudden appearance of Foodgōd 24K Gold Buffalo Chicken Wings, available exclusively at The Ainsworth, a fomfy sports bar in Midtown Manhattan. Why let them eat cake when they could be eating (and shitting) solid gold!

Introducing the FOODGŌD 24k Gold Buffalo wings….The most expensive and insanely tasting 24k Gold Wings in the world exclusively available at the @theainsworth TAG all the GŌDSQUADDDDD ( @brianmazza)

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This terrible idea is brought to you by Foodgōd (born name Jonathan Cheban). Foodgōd may not be the Kardashian adjacent reality show personality cum food trend expert we need right now, but he is the one we deserve. For the uninitiated, Jonathan began his ridiculous career as a Kardashian “also ran”, appearing on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and sundry spinoffs. He also briefly had his own show where he ran some bullshit PR/social media firm. But it only lasted one season.

Fresh out of public relations juice, Jonathan decided foodie-ism was where it’s at and proclaimed himself a food trend expert. He even said he was going to have his name legally changed to the bafflingly accented moniker Foodgōd (though it’s unclear if he ever followed through). At any rate, an empire was born.

While Jonathan casually dabbles in other publicity generating markets, like ugly, expensive shoes and gaudy jewelry. But his true passion seems to be eating very expensive/trendy food that most people would find unappetizing/indigestible.

It’s one of the most expensive appetizers in #NYC…and it’s Foodgōd approved! See it all go down Wednesday/tonight at 10:30p on @cnbcsuperrich @richierichny #SuperRich

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As a palate cleanser to the over-the-top, tacky fame-whoring of Foodgōd, I feel I should leave you with something of substance. Here’s a music video for “Jonathan’s Golden Wings” by Tim Heidecker (of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job fame), created by Vic Berger IV.

I know that I’m sort of adding fuel to Foodgōd’s flame by giving him more attention. But hopefully, with enough fuel, he’ll burn out faster.

Mieka is a staff contributor. You can follow her on Twitter.

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