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Felicia Day Writes About Her #GamerGate Fears and Unlike Chris Kluwe, Is Immediately Doxxed

By Cindy Davis | Celebrity | October 23, 2014 |

By Cindy Davis | Celebrity | October 23, 2014 |

Hey, remember the other night, we posted that fantabulous Chris Kluwe piece? He got an *earful* on his Twitter in response, but you know what he didn’t get? He didn’t get “doxxed.” What’s doxxed, you may be wondering (I was)? Doxxed is when someone’s personal information (email, address, phone number, credit card numbers) is released online. Well, isn’t that just lovely? So, Kluwe may have considered himself lucky that he escaped The Doxening, but he isn’t lucky so much as he is male. Heck, Kluwe even hosted a Reddit AMA to let the GamerGate crowd have at him, and he remains undoxxed. Actress Felicia Day (Supernatural, The Guild, Buffy), however, is another story.

Yesterday, Ms. Day decided she would face her fears and be brave. She posted her intimate and honest feelings about the GamerGate goings-on — and how they’ve affected her personally — to her Tumblr page, despite being worried about some kind of retaliation simply because she’s a woman. Here’s an excerpt, but please do read the whole piece when you’re able:

“I had a day off this weekend from shooting Supernatural, and I was walking around downtown Vancouver on Saturday…At one point I saw a pair of guys walking towards me wearing gamer shirts. Black short-sleeved, one Halo and one Call of Duty.

Now in my life up until this point, that kind of outfit has meant one thing: Potential comrades. I love games, I love gaming. If it’s Friday night, I’m not out hanging at a club, I’m diving into a new game I downloaded on Steam.

…seeing another gamer on the street used to be an auto-smile opportunity, or an entry into a conversation starting with, “Hey, dude! I love that game too!” Me and that stranger automatically had something in common: A love for something unconventional. Outsiders in arms. We had an auto-stepping stone to hurtle over human-introduction-awkwardness, into talking about something we loved together. Instant connection!

But for the first time maybe in my life, on that Saturday afternoon, I walked towards that pair of gamers and I didn’t smile. I didn’t say hello. In fact, I crossed the street so I wouldn’t walk by them. Because after all the years of gamer love and inclusiveness, something had changed in me. A small voice of doubt in my brain now suspected that those guys and I might not be comrades after all. That they might not greet me with reflected friendliness, but contempt.”

Day goes on to say that fear, and desire for self-protection had been keeping her from speaking out about Gamergate, discussing some of the personal harassment she’s received as a female gamer over the years — but “NOTHING compared to people who are the victims of these attacks now…”

“I have been terrified of inviting a deluge of abusive and condescending tweets into my timeline…I have had stalkers and restraining orders issued in the past, I have had people show up on my doorstep when my personal information was HARD to get.”

And then she simply encouraged people to think for themselves, to not just be swept into the actions of a few hateful people because one belongs to a group — to keep loving games, and not be afraid to cross the street to talk to like-minded people.

Turns out the actress’ fears were well-founded, since only minutes after she posted her statement, Day’s personal information was posted in a comment by user “gaimerg8.”

That these people are so desperate to attack women or knowingly place them in danger in the name of “journalistic integrity” makes me sick. That Day (or any woman) pushed past fear and anxiety to lay bare feelings as an avid fan — and part of the gaming community — only to be put in a position where she has to worry about someone showing up at her door…this is INSANITY. Oh, and you advertisers who are kowtowing to a “vocal minority” that clearly encourages this type of harassment; you’re part of the problem. In fact, the GamerGaters are effectively using you as a weapon.

As for the menfolk — specifically, the males who are carrying out these threats of physical violence and doxxing attacks — it’s become pretty impossible to deny your misogyny, as you have been directing said attacks only against the females who anger you. Chris Kluwe, himself Tweeted about the disparity:

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 5.31.48 PM.png
Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 5.29.59 PM.png

Listen guys, since the bit about unfair journalistic slants has been disproven, it’s time to back up the bus a bit and think about how we can all get past this. Do we really need a sex-based war on top of all the other shit going on in the world? Nobody’s coming to take your games away, least of all the women who enjoy gaming themselves. As far as I know, video games do not the person make; if you are sexist, anti-feminist, or even hate women, it’s not because you’re a gamer, or something you learned by playing games. Attitudes toward women need to change across the worldwide landscape. Starting with our children, we need to build up respect for each other — as human beings, not separated by sex, race, religion, etc. And yeah, that’s a tall order, not something that will change overnight. You know what could change overnight? The push of the #GamerGate community to be vile, abusive and threatening toward women. It’s easy; the next time someone writes about perceived problems with gamers, completely ignore that person’s sexual persuasion. Don’t lob the c-word, don’t threaten violence, and don’t dox.

As for Ms. Day, we’re proud to be your fans, and if you ever need help just yell “Pajiba!” out the window. One of is sure to be nearby.

Cindy Davis, (Twitter)

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