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Ewan McGregor’s Daughter Hates A-Holes. Now Who Could She Be Talking About?

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | January 16, 2019 |

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | January 16, 2019 |


During the Kavanaugh hearings, I posted something on a social media platform that shall not be named (it was Facebook) about everyone taking care of themselves because men in power are garbage. A fairly innocuous statement, right?


Ha, of course not! The post was immediately flagged for hate speech because because god forbid the monolith of “men” are ever besmirched—haven’t they gone through enough already?


So it made my cold, dead heart feel the slightest tinge of emotion when Clara McGregor (allegedly, but now denied, ok?) called her dad an “a*shole” on her mother’s Instagram account yesterday. You know, the same dad who started dating a significantly younger woman very soon after separating from his wife

The exact comment, according to Entertainment Tonight who was there to witness it before it got deleted was:

Clara shared a photo of her mom, production designer Eve Mavrakis, lounging in a bikini. “My mother, ladies & gentlemen • 50 is the new 30 apparently,” she wrote.

When one fan commented, “Good to know you have the smoke show genes … keep her away from your boyfriends,” Clara replied, “Nah I keep her away from a**hole men who leave my goddess of a mother. :)”

I mean, that could mean a lot of things, but it could also mean one very specific thing, too…


People, of course, was there to cover her inevitable rebuttal, which I imagine came after a very pointed phone call from someone (totally her dad):

“Let’s make one thing clear. I was not attacking my dad or calling him [an] a-hole,” Clara wrote over a screenshot of an article touting the comment. “I was simple saying she deserves someone who isn’t one. F— tabloids. Don’t believe everything you read.”

I mean, you can only go on record bashing your famous dad so much until there starts to be some repercussions. Personally I the tactic of: say something that could be about him, but with enough plausible deniability where he can’t call you up in a rage about running your mouth off. It’s a win/win.

Look, parent-child relationships are fraught. My parents divorced when I was an adult and it was very weird having to deal with each one of them dating and subsequently marrying people who I didn’t know, yet was forced to accept into my life if I wanted a relationship with either my Mom or Dad. It’s complicated, and when your parents’ divorce ends so publicly and mired in (alleged) scandal, that takes a toll on a lady. I also think that rage is an emotion women are taught to suppress at an early age, and frankly it’s time we stop holding it in and let the world know we’re f*cking angry a lot of the time, and it’s usually at men and the sh*t they pull.

So personally, I’m here for Clara McGregor’s low level take down of her dad, if that’s what it is. Even if it’s not, she’s clearly a woman who will ruthlessly protect her mother against any other garbage dudes who cross her path, so in that respect, I’m here for it too.

Ultimately, I think we could all learn from her, and not hold back against the men who have done us, or the women we care about, dirty in this lifetime. So with that I’m announcing it publicly for the first time: Ronald McDonald, I’m coming for you.

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