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drew barrymore plastic.jpg

Drew Barrymore Avoids Plastic Surgery Cuz Of Her 'Highly Addictive Personality'

By Emily Richardson | Celebrity | November 17, 2023 |

By Emily Richardson | Celebrity | November 17, 2023 |

drew barrymore plastic.jpg

It’s been two months since Drew Barrymore’s WGA scabbing scandal. Even though she eventually did the right thing and paused her talk show’s return, it’s hard to forget how majorly Drew effed up. Like, I expect scabbing from someone like Bill Maher, but Drew Barrymore? Daisy-loving, frolicking in the rain, Pisces queen of empathy Drew Barrymore? A real fall from grace.

Anywho, I still follow Drew on Instagram, and, as far as I can tell, she and The Drew Barrymore Show have continued on, business as usual. Now “the talk show host and Garnier Nutrisse brand ambassador” is dishing about her beauty regimen for an exclusive interview with People magazine.

The biggest takeaway from this Garnier-sponsored PR fluff piece is that 48-year-old Drew says she’s never had plastic surgery:

“I haven’t done anything, and I’m going to maintain that as long as possible,” she tells PEOPLE. “I have zero judgment for anyone doing anything. But I don’t see myself resorting to it.”

The Garnier Nutrisse brand ambassador adds with a laugh, “And, I look forward to seeing what I look like as a leather bag in the future!”

Drew says that part of the reason she’s avoided altering her appearance is because of her “addictive” personality:

“I have a highly addictive personality, so I worry I’d continue to chase it, get this and that done,” she says. “That scares me, just because of my own approach to things. So, I’m waiting on making any alterations.”

Makes sense. Earlier this year, Courteney Cox went on a podcast and talked about falling down the injectable rabbit hole in the mid-2010s:

“It’s a domino effect. You don’t realize that you look a little off, so then you keep doing more because you look normal to yourself.”

“You look in the mirror and go, ‘Oh, that looks good,’ you think, and you don’t realize what it looks like to the outside person and just doing too many fillers and having to have them removed, which thank god they are removable, I think I messed up a lot and now luckily I can, I was able to reverse most of that, now I’m actually just older.”

It’s wild that Drew feels the need to announce she’s not getting cosmetic surgery, but, hey, this is the world we’re living in. Hollywood is just a few synthetic whiskers away from going full-on Capitol from The Hunger Games. But remember, celebrities and ordinary civilians; going under the knife has permanent consequences! Behold, your future: