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Did Lin-Manuel Miranda Help Save 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'? Andy Samberg Thinks So!

By Tori Preston | Celebrity | January 2, 2019 |

By Tori Preston | Celebrity | January 2, 2019 |


Hey, did you hear the news? Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Andy Samberg and Killing Eve’s Sandra Oh are teaming up to host the Golden Globes this Sunday! But unlike past host pairings like Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, Andy and Sandra don’t exactly have an established working relationship, or really anything other than mutual respect for each other as performers. So it’s only natural to be curious about their dynamic together — and that’s where this week’s Hollywood Reporter cover story comes in handy!

THR got the pair to sit down and interview each other about their upcoming gig — and with only 5 days to prepare for the show, it’s clear that there’s plenty of nerves and excitement to spare. Though Andy has previous awards show hosting experience, this is Sandra’s first time, so most of the conversation is taken up with hopes, fears, and whether or not they should get naked on stage:

SAMBERG Sandra, ask me the one thing I won’t do onstage.

OH OK, Andy, what’s the one thing you won’t do onstage?


(Sandra gets up, walks out of the room, then comes back in shaking her head.)

OH You fucking turd.

SAMBERG Mama raised me right. (Laughs.) That’s all I’m saying. Look, I think you don’t know [when the line is crossed] until you’re being asked to do it. For me anyway, there’s a Spidey-sense tingling feeling of like, “No, this is wrong, this doesn’t feel right.” We’ll get our Venn diagram of that correct so that we’re only doing stuff we want to be doing.

OH Yeah, and because this is so new to me and it’s, like, my one shot, I don’t care! (Laughs.)

SAMBERG I mean, we probably don’t want to get naked.

OH Well …

SAMBERG Sorry, didn’t mean to speak for you.

OH I have no problem with that.

SAMBERG In life, sure. But onstage at the Golden Globes?

OH I would get naked.

SAMBERG If you felt like it was appropriate.

OH Yeah, absolutely. If it’s for the right reasons, if it’s in my character, I would get naked.


OH Of course not. (Laughs.) But it felt pretty good just to go that far.

SAMBERG It felt good hearing you say it. And honestly, you were so convincing, I was like, “Shit, maybe I would too. If Sandra’s down.” You have that power. I was about to come out naked and you’re all, “I was kidding!” I’m like, “You’re such a good actor, you fooled me.” (Laughter.)

Well, if Sandra is already calling Andy a “fucking turd,” I figure their chemistry is going to be just fine come Sunday. And as if dropping a few f-bombs in her cover story weren’t relatable enough, Sandra also has her priorities straight when it comes to her Golden Globes goals. No, she’s not banking on winning Best Actress for Killing Eve, though Andy is rooting for her (“I hope you win. I’m going to make you a crappy little tinfoil fake Globe, just in case you don’t win, and I’m going to bring it out and give it to you and be like, ‘You’re always a winner to me’”). Instead, she just wants to meet Lin-Manuel Miranda, like WE ALL DO — and that’s when Andy shares his own tale of Miranda’s awesomeness. Because apparently in addition to being “the nicest guy,” Miranda also deserves credit for helping to save Brooklyn Nine-Nine from cancellation!

OH What are you most nervous about?

SAMBERG Well, the prompter went down on Jimmy [Fallon, who hosted in 2017], so probably that.

OH That’s a nightmare.

SAMBERG I mean, I am planning on committing the whole show to memory, that’s kind of standard for me. You don’t have to, but I’m going to …

OH You’ll be off book. You can do whatever you want, you schooled professional.

SAMBERG Just kidding. I won’t be. I really, really won’t be. If the prompter went down, it’d be bad. What are you most excited about for the show? Do you have a particular thing you’re looking forward to? Finishing?

OH I mean, I just want to shake Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hand.

SAMBERG That’s done.

OH Really?

SAMBERG Yes. He’s nominated, so he’ll be there. He’s the nicest guy. Notoriously. He’s a huge Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan and helped save our show. He tweeted a ton, to the point where he came to our upfronts party in New York when we got saved and was like, “We did it!” (Laughs.)

Look, I don’t want to tell Samberg and Oh how to do their jobs, but they still have a few days left to prepare for the show — which is more than enough time to ask Miranda to come up on stage and shake Sandra’s hand in front of all of us. Because honestly, her goal just became my own. I don’t care who wins Sunday night, but I do very much care about her getting her wish. And more than that, I WANT TO SEE IT HAPPEN.

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