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In Theory, Dave Chappelle Has Broken His Silence on R. Kelly

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | January 17, 2019 |

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | January 17, 2019 |


Comedian and former Chappelle’s Show writer Neal Brennan made headlines this week after he addressed growing criticism that the infamous “Piss On You” sketch “normalized” the R. Kelly video where he allegedly urinates on one of his underage rape victim. Setting aside Brennan’s questionable defense of the sketch, he tweeted a clip of the interview, and I want you to pay careful attention to the details surrounding the “fight” between Kelly and Dave Chappelle.

For those of you who can’t watch, essentially Kelly was pissed about the sketch, and his “goons” confronted Chappelle in Chicago where he was rolling with his own set of goons that calmed things down. “The goons negotiated,” according to Brennan.

Which brings us to Chappelle who had been refusing to comment on Kelly and was also being blasted for turning down the Surviving R. Kelly documentary. However, during a Wednesday night set at the West Hollywood Improv, Chappelle finally broke his silence on Kelly.

By repeating the same exact story Neal Brennan told that morning.

Except that’s not entirely true. Chappelle added a small flourish that way too many media outlets are taking at face value when I’d put cash money on it being a bit. Because in this version, Chappelle and Kelly spoke, which contradicts Brennan story so this comedic exchange can happen.

“He says, ‘How you gonna do a video of me peeing on girls like that?’ And I say, “How YOU gonna do a video?” [audience explodes into laughter]

Did I mention Dave Chappelle sounds drunk and/or high as hell during this whole thing? Dave Chappelle sounds drunk and/or high as hell during this whole thing. But that’s not the only messed up part.

TMZ credits Chappelle with taking a stand for women by “saying he wants comedians to call out things that are wrong with the world, period,” which is an extremely generous interpretation of whatever the f**k came out of Chappelle’s mouth at the end of this video:

Here’s what I was able to transcribe:

“Let’s make a comedy movement where n****s can just say what’s wrong. Because, yeah, it’s gotta be better. And I don’t wanna ruin n****s careers. Every comedian in the back. Yo, everybody, keep your balls intact. Say what needs to be said, and let’s get this work done. Now that’s gonna sound kinda shit babba babba bobby booey babba boo woo. But my body’s telling me no, and my body’s telling me yes. We gotta rock. Yo, everybody, keep your balls intact and know that your boy Dave Chappelle got your back.”

Just so we’re all clear, that was word-for-word to the best of my ability because Chappelle was slurring like hell and literally babbled in the middle of whatever that even was. Yeah, maybe it was a call for comedians to clean up their act, but it mostly sounds like his main concern is protecting testicles? Your guess is as good as mine.

Also, you probably noticed that Chappelle mangled the lyrics to R. Kelly’s “Bump and Grind,” which was actually a callback to when he sang the song the first time: Right after the anecdote about being confronted. I’m talking immediately after making a joke about the video, he starts singing, “My mind’s telling me no…” because Dave Chappelle still thinks it’s hilarious that R. Kelly peed on underage girls. And that was the entire point of “Piss On You.” It was never to call out Kelly. It was just a giant pee joke.

After writing about Brennan’s defense of the sketch, commenters noted that on the DVD commentary for Chappelle’s Show, Brennan allegedly says something about how it’s weird that everyone is so wrapped up about the underage aspect of the R. Kelly video and not the fact that he’s peeing on people. And if you watch the “Piss On You” sketch, that mentality absolutely shines through. There’s not even a single lyric about the fact that those “people” were underage girls because Dave Chappelle didn’t care back then.

And he doesn’t seem to give a shit now.

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