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Courtney Cox Reunites With Tom Selleck AKA Monica Geller Sees Her Best Boyfriend Again

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | December 20, 2018 |

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | December 20, 2018 |


Every time there’s a mini Friends reunion, I get tickled pink. Don’t know why. Don’t care to dig deep into the morass of my subconscious to find out—all I can tell you that I watched that show, first run, and despite what some of you say in the comments, a lot of the humor holds up (…and some of it doesn’t.) I will never not laugh at Joey’s delight in finding his hand twin. That’s comedy gold, right there.

I also hold the unpopular opinion that Monica and Chandler never made sense as a couple. I thought the show lost some of its sparkle once they got together. So, it delights me to no end that Monica Geller ran into Dr. Richard Burke, earlier this week. It’s a Christmas miracle!

Richard was Monica’s best boyfriend (before they brought him back and made him terrible in order to make Chandler look better. Could they be any more wrong for that?!”)


Slightly uncomfortable age difference aside, he treated her with respect and was thoughtful towards her. Plus, he put up with her extremely close circle of friends who would probably send most normal people running for the hills.

Now, I’m not saying Monica and Chandler didn’t have a relatively healthy relationship, they did. I’m just saying both characters’ shine wore off once they got together, and the show never really recaptured that.

If we want to talk best couple on the show, hands down it’s Phoebe and Mike. No question.


Now, if the universe is truly kind to me, maybe we can get a video of Ross and Chandler running into Janice before the year runs out.

Kate is a staff contributor. You can follow her on Twitter.

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