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Cara Delevingne Schools Twitter Hater Who Claims She's Only Successful Because of Her Looks

By Kylie Cheung | Celebrity | January 10, 2017 |

By Kylie Cheung | Celebrity | January 10, 2017 |

Models and women in the media in general face a good amount of misogyny, typically for failing to meet patriarchal beauty standards, but then, even when they do, attracting scrutiny regardless. If they’re conventionally attractive and profit from this, then they’re bimbos who, in the words of Twitter user/self-proclaimed “showbiz journalist” @BradTheLadLong, need to go find “real jobs.”

In a tweet directed at actress/model Cara Delevingne earlier this week, in response to a tweet in which she teased her incoming project with the nonprofit UNICEF, Mr. Brad the Lad condescendingly advised that she “get a real job,” whatever the heck that means, since, you know, being a female in an ageist patriarchal society, her “looks will fade.” Thank you so much for taking it upon yourself to remind us all of our imminent and inevitable expiration dates as females, Brad!

Delevingne proceeded to stop him right there and politely explain that, actually, no, her incoming project “has nothing to do with [her] looks,” thank you very much for your sexist assumptions. In another tweet, she pretty much told him in slightly more polite terms to go educate himself, telling him to “maybe try read a book or do something actually worthwhile.” Ouch.

But of course, as is so often the case with sexist online trolls, Brad just would not let up, calling Delevingne “rude” for simply defending herself and clarifying things in response to his ignorance. I’m sure his perceptions of her as “rude” for standing up for herself have nothing to do with his dated expectations of women, haha! He went on to clarify that he was just offering “advice” to help her “succeed,” since, you know, despite her thriving career, she must surely need from some unknown male “showbiz journalist” being an airheaded model and all.

Delevingne responded, “Why would I take career advice from someone who has no idea what they’re talking about?” raising a pretty valid point. Like, seriously, has anyone heard of this “Brad the Lad” fellow? No?

At any rate, he simply would not let it go and proceeded to stand up for his own “very successful career” and then literally (I am not making this sh*t up) asserting: “Well I am very famous” (thanks for letting us know!) and telling the actual celeb she needs to “update [herself] on celeb culture.”

For the last time, mansplaining is, indeed, a thing, and this right here is a textbook case of it. And until Brad the Lad and those like him start directing this condescending, paternalistic bullsh*t at male models, I’m going to go ahead and keep calling this what it is: sexism.

The exchange went on for quite a while, with Delevingne eventually calling Brad out on said sexism stating that she has “no time no another man trying to tear down a woman for being successful” (good for her), only for Brad to be shocked that she could even suggest that he was being sexist. At any rate, Delevingne wasn’t having it.

“You are just a another thirsty man who puts people down for attention on twitter and who thinks that looks are all that’s important,” she wrote. “One day, you will realize that tearing people down is a true reflection of your insecurities. For that I am sorry.”


Considering Brad’s Twitter feed mainly consists of desperate attempts at the attention of female celebrities like Delevingne, he could certainly stand to take her advice. He claims to be “famous for telling it like it is,” which, at this point, we should all know is really just code for “makes a lot of ignorant, offensive, usually sexist comments that literally no one asked for.”

Which might be why Brad doesn’t want to be “held accountable” for his BS, as he very calmly asserts in a final tweet in his exchange with Delevingne:

Unfortunately for Brad, the whole point of the internet or at the very least a big part of it is holding people accountable, and if he can’t put on his big boy pants and accept that, he could always just, like, try not directing sexist attacks at people?

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