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Can People Please Stop Biting Norman Reedus?

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | December 7, 2015 |

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | December 7, 2015 |

I’d like to think that we live in a world where Norman Reedus would not have to offer a public request not to bite him, but here we are.

Um please don't 💃🏿

A photo posted by norman reedus (@bigbaldhead) on

Reedus is famously awesome with fans. He’ll take pictures with pretty much anyone, doing— from the looks of it— any amount of goofiness.


But there’s a fine line between zealous fan and overwhelming, potentially dangerous creepiness. And this weekend at a convention in New Jersey, one fan did not know where that line was. Which is understandable, because how can you be expected to see a thin line when you are SO FAR OVER IT?

This female fan reportedly approached Reedus during a photo op event, told him a fun (read: NOT AT ALL FUN) story about how she likes to pretend she’s married to him. She then apparently decided to enact another level of her fantasy that maybe involves one or both of them being undead, because after a moment, security guards restrained and removed her, explaining “Um….ma’am. You just bit Norman Reedus.”

People. Can we all stop being weird? Or at least this weird? If you see Anna Kendrick at a bar, do not tell her she’s on your freebie list. She does not find that cute. If you see Mads Mikkelsen on the street, do not ask him if he wants to eat your innards. And if you are lucky enough to get within biting distance of Norman Reedus, KEEP THAT SHIT INSIDE YOUR BRAIN ONLY.

For what it’s worth, the woman apologized to Reedus and the world on Instagram. How much is that worth? Probably not very much, really.

From Undead Walking via The Mary Sue.

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