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Brooke Hogan Defends Hulk Hogan’s Racist Comments, Should Really, Really Stop Talking

By Grainger Heavensbee | Celebrity | August 5, 2015 |

By Grainger Heavensbee | Celebrity | August 5, 2015 |

If you were to give a seminar to people on how to not defend yourself or a loved one against accusations of racism in the wake of a sex tape that included multiple racial slurs, Brooke Hogan could probably teach it. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Brooke — who was being discussed by her father while he was having sex with another woman in that sex tape, which is totally not weird at all — tried to defend her Dad in the worst possible manner.

Rule #1: Never claim you have a black friend. That’s just racism denial 101, people.

Brooke Hogan: “My dad’s best friends with Mr. T, he’s best friends with Dennis Rodman. He’s not racist.”


Rule #2: When confronted with accusations of racism based on clear evidence suggesting racism, don’t blow it off. Don’t shrug. Do not try skip past the apology and suggest it’s an isolated incident.

Brooke Hogan: “He’s so nice to everybody. He doesn’t talk like that, which is what was so strange about it.”


Rule #3: When defending yourself against accusations of racism, never minimize such accusations by claiming to be the victim of reverse racism.

Brooke Hogan: “This is something that we have to put a stop to everyday. Because I’ll be honest with you, I’ve had a black guy call me a honkey, and I’ve also been told that white people smell like bologna.


Rule #4: Don’t suggest that you’re a better person because you shrug of (laughable) racist statements, especially when there’s a gaping wide chasm of difference between being referred to repeatedly by the N-word and being told you smell like bologna.

Brooke Hogan: “I don’t take offense to it, I just laughed at it.”

Good for you. Now, here’s a piece of advice:


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