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Broadway Audiences Simply Cannot Handle Being In the Presence of Hugh Jackman

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | November 17, 2014 |

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | November 17, 2014 |

Let’s take a second to talk about theatre etiquette, mayn’t we? Sure, people say (and have been saying for decades) that it’s a dying art, or just an indulgence of the rich. But no matter what your thoughts on what the institution is, I think we can all agree on one thing it is not: a place to shout things at Hugh Jackman.

Apparently Jackman’s current Broadway play The River is not going so well. Actually, let me rephrase that, because reviews of the play itself have been stellar. Reviews of the audience, however? That’s a different story. The River is “a hushed, intimate drama,” an “unnerving mediation on nature, love and relationships.” But who cares about all that because HUGHJACKMANYOUGUYS! The audience has been getting a bit rowdy for Wolverine: clapping after every scene (fine in a musical, not in a quiet, tense drama), forgetting regularly and in large numbers to turn off their phones, talking to seat mates and/or the actors during the show.

Let’s go over a brief rundown of why this isn’t okay. First the differences between this play and most other plays.

This play: Has Hugh Jackman.

Most other plays: Don’t have Hugh Jackman.

So I can see where the confusion might spring up. It should also be noted that Hugh Jackman is not some movie star of questionable talent looking for street cred by slumming it in the theatre. He has a long, respected foundation in stage acting. Now to look at the similarities.

This play: Is a play.

Most other plays: Are also plays.

Which means that the actors are performing live AND CAN HEAR YOU. As can the other, not terrible audience members. Some other things that this and most plays are not: a movie. A sporting event. A performance by The Thunder From Down Under (where applause and whooing are totally acceptable). Rocky Horror. Yes, some plays ARE Rocky Horror. This one is not. Please don’t yell things.

I hope this helps.

Via Time Out.