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Britney Spears's Dad Extends Conservatorship to Other States Because He Can Do That?

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | May 22, 2019 |

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | May 22, 2019 |


Last week, Britney Spears made the first public move in confirming that she wants her conservatorship to end and is no longer a fan of being under father’s thumb. (She accused him of illegally placing her in a mental facility against her will.) However, a judge shot down Britney’s immediate requests for more freedom, but not without placing the entire conservatorship under a microscope. At the time, it seemed like both parties would be at a stalemate until the investigation wraps in September. Not so much.

Both TMZ and The Blast are reporting that Jamie Spears has either filed or will file papers to extend Britney’s conservatorship into three other states: Florida, Louisiana, and Hawaii. If you know anything about Britney, these are the states she travels to the most. According to The Blast, the conservators say this filing is simply “routine” and “not connected to the recent drama going on with Britney.” (Riiiight.) As for TMZ, they went straight to Conspiracy Town:

We’re told Britney has no plans to visit the 3 states in the immediate future, but our sources say Jamie knows what’s up and believes there are people out there in social media pulling the strings in the “Free Britney” movement who might attempt to wrestle her away if she leaves California.

Right off the bat, the fact that Nevada is notably missing from the list of states does not bode well for Britney returning to her Vegas residency. That’s a very telling omission for where things are headed on the whole “Will she perform again?” front. In the meantime, I have questions:

So this whole time, Britney could’ve bolted whenever she left California, and there’s nothing anyone could do about it outside of shutting down her credit cards? Jesus.

Now that her dad just advertised on TMZ that it’s open season in 46 states where she doesn’t have a conservatorship, what’s to stop Britney from driving into Nevada today leaving a trail of twisted metal and carnage on a path to freedom?

Does she… not know there are other states? *ducks*

My assholery aside, extending Britney’s conservatorship directly on the heels of her trying to shut the whole thing down is some odd shit, right? Again, nobody truly knows what’s going down with her mentally, and maybe all of this necessary. As I’ve stated before, there is clearly an issue with Britney’s mental health, but judging by personal anecdotes that many of you have shared in the comments, this aggressive clamping down of her freedom still seems overkill even if she’s not entirely there all of the time.

Fortunately, it’s not like Britney’s getting hella strong and looking like someone who’s ready to send bodies through walls if she can’t buy a goddamn slushie at Sonic without an accountant present.

Except, oh wait, she is, and now would be a good time to run.

“Sometimes when you cage the beast, the beast gets angry.” (Yup, definitely just quoted X-Men: The Last Stand. I was a quality hire.)