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As a 'Card-Carrying Feminist,' Terry Crews Is Really Excited For the New 'Ghostbusters'

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | February 2, 2015 |

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | February 2, 2015 |

Terry Crews did a Reddit AMA a few days ago and he was his usual charming, grateful, excited-puppy self. There’s a lot of great stuff you can look through, from advice on working out to stories about Brooklyn Nine-Nine. But I want to focus on his thoughts on the new Ghostbusters. Crews had a tiny role in Bridesmaids, so he’s worked with Paul Feig, Kristen Wiig, and Melissa McCarthy before. He also did an episode of Drunk History with Wiig.
So he has some very strong feelings about the movie.

OH! I LOVE KRISTEN! And you know what? First of all, as a card-carrying feminist, I am a BIG feminist, anytime I see women being stars - the stars that they should be, and being featured, and being highlighted, it makes my heart happy. Because it’s long overdue. Women are great, and funny, and amazing, and smarter than men - for real! - and it’s a reboot that needs to happen. There are SO many good things about that, what can I say? It’s going to be a HIT. And GO LADIES! I’m with you! I can’t wait to make the premiere!
My favorite thing about this is everything. My second favorite thing is that Terry Crews totally just invited himself to the Ghostbusters premiere. I love you, Tiny Terry.

A side note, at one point in the AMA, Crews is asked what his favorite animal is, and in his response, he writes in all caps and in bold, “I LOVE HORSES.” I just thought you all should know that.

Via Uproxx.

Vivian Kane has officially forgiven Terry Crews for that one time he said something dumb about motherhood. She’s sure he’ll be so relieved.

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