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Anna Kendrick on 'Time' Considering Banning the Word 'Feminist': 'Ugh. That’s a F**king Bummer'

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | November 25, 2014 |

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | November 25, 2014 |

Anna Kendrick gave a wide-ranging interview to The Daily Beast today to promote her Christmas release, Into the Woods. Kendrick speaks highly of the film, saying that it “skewers” Disney conventions (though it’s a Disney film itself) and focuses on the “stuff [that] happens after happily ever after.” It’s also a Cinderella story that rightly suggests that “Getting a man isn’t everything and I choose something else.”

(Interestingly, she also noted that Jake Gyllenhaal was supposed to be in the film, and Kendrick was bummed that he backed out to do Nightcrawler instead, and then she saw Nightcrawler and immediately understood. )

Given the feminist themes of Into the Woods, the topic was broached after the interviewer asked her how she felt about Time magazine listing it as one of the words its considering banning.

For real? Ugh. That’s a fucking bummer. It’s hard because words confuse me sometimes. There isn’t a word for a member of an ethnic minority who is pro equal rights for all races, but there is a word for gender equality—and that’s feminism. It’s a very female-centric word. I understand that the implication is that “I’m a woman who supports women” and not “I’m a person who supports gender equality.” I feel like the word can be appropriated by the wrong people for that reason and misinterpreted by those people, but you just have to fight back and own that word. It’s practically become a curse word. Somebody says, “Oh, you’re being such a feminist,” and you’re supposed to be like, “No I’m not.” Why are we afraid of that word? It exists and we can’t get rid of it, so let’s fight for it and embrace it. That is truly a bummer.

Kendrick also admitted that she occasionally gets some crazy misogynisticc shit on her @replies on Twitter, but feels fortunate because it’s not as bad as what the women involved in ‘Gamergate’ had to deal with:

I do get crazy shit. But I look at some of those girls who are involved in Gamergate and I think, “I don’t know how they do it. I don’t know how they handle it.” When I’m feeling bad, I look up some of the girls involved in Gamergate and I think, “You know, I feel very, very lucky and supported.”

I think my favorite answer in the interview, however, was Kendrick on working with the Green Bay Packers and the size difference between NFL players and the cast of Pitch Perfect 2:

It’s like a fuckin’ joke! It’s a joke. You don’t see size difference like this outside of dogs. No other species has this kind of size variation. Every single one of us on Pitch Perfect 2 was going up to them and saying, “Will you pick me up? Can I get a picture of you guys holding me?”

And that’s why Anna Kendrick will always be the best.

Source: The Daily Beast

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