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And Now, Tom Hiddleston Looking Dapper and Sad With a Bunch of Fancy Dogs

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | September 26, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | September 26, 2016 |

Poor Tom Hiddleston. While most of us here would be totally happy to watch this man in just about anything, he has been overtly reaching for a PR angle for a while now. The general takeaway from his entire relationship with Taylor Swift and his over-eager Emmy thirst (because how dare he care so much and try so hard?) is that Hiddles is desperately desiring to be a mega-celeb.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a mega-celeb. Hiddleston’s misstep, though, is that he’s showing all of his work when the way one achieves that level of superstardom is by appearing to be an effortless prodigy. Also, he seems to be aiming for Super Classy Real Actor stardom, but rather than strategizing a straight shot to that point, he’s inexpertly mashed together a career of prestige pieces and public Swiftian spectacle. It’s been messy.

So has this hurling of himself toward TMZ-level celebrity paid off? Well, Tommleston just landed his biggest-ever brand campaign. Which means a possibly literal boatload of money, plus the high-profile visibility he’s been clamoring for.

The downside? It’s, well… this:


Don’t get me wrong, Hiddles is dapper as fuck in a tailored suit. So his partnership with Gucci is a natural one. But this campaign loses a lot (maybe not all, but a LOT) of that suave in the layers of Madame Tussauds-meets-hostage video stiffness.


How many editorial layers is too many? Like, oddly-fitting jeans, loud socks, leather (?) high-tops, a Sammy Davis Jr.-inspired jacket, and, like, a LOT of dogs? Is that too many?


“You know how everyone loves Tom Hardy when he holds a dog? I can hold dogs!” Psst, Tom, your Bobby Newport dogs don’t exactly scream man-of-the-people. Especially since you obviously turn them into slippers when they displease you.



I know, I know. It’s very upsetting.