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A Reminder That Oscar Winner Brie Larson Was An Angsty Teen Pop Sensation

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | February 29, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | February 29, 2016 |

At last night’s Oscars, Brie Larson won the Best Actress award for her role in Room. This was maybe the least surprising thing to happen in the whole life span of a fruit fly that was that show, because she’s, by general consensus, had it on lock for a while now. And not on lock in the same way DiCaprio did, in that we all thought that if he didn’t win this year, he might actually really snap, but because her performance was a masterpiece. Not a day has gone by since I saw the movie that I haven’t spent time thinking about it, and that’s because of her (and her relationship with Jacob Tremblay).

So today (and hopefully forever), while we’re all celebrating her recognition by the Academy and by the movie-going world, let’s also note that you may be thinking that Brie Larson is, at a remarkably young age, in the second big wave her career following a number of critics’ darlings indie films. (Hopefully you were one of the few people who saw the criminally under-appreciated Short Term 12.) But in reality, this isn’t her second wave— it’s the third. Larson spent the early to mid-aughts doing the young actor thing, with roles in a slew of teen shows and movies. Here she is with a bit part in 13 Going On 30


Here she is in a movie with that kid from 7th Heaven:

As part of that era’s mandated teen star trajectory, she also tried her hand at a pop music career, and oh my god, is it terrrrrible. SHE isn’t terrible, but in trying so hard to brand her in that anti-Disney angsty pop role, she comes off somewhere between Avril Lavigne and Tiffani and maybe a little Jewel thrown in. Add to that image such cutting twee lyrics like “If you don’t believe in magic/Then watch me disappear” and “La dee da, La dee dee,” and you’ve got yourself one hell of an uncomfortable teen sensation.

If you were wondering what Oscar Winner Brie Larson thinks about P.E. class, she hates it. A lot. Cause she plays guitar, okay? But she HATES chin-ups.

At least this paved the way for Envy Adams, right? Silver lining of a Hot Topic Robin Sparkles phase?