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5 Questions We'd Ask Jeremy Piven If We Could Afford to Pay the $15,000 Asking Price for a 10-Minute Zoom Conversation

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | June 15, 2020 |

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | June 15, 2020 |


Earlier today, we learned that Cameo — which typically offers pre-recorded messages from celebrities, athletes, and reality stars for a reasonable fee — has expanded its offerings to live Zoom calls. Most of these Zoom calls are fairly priced — Perez Hilton, for instance, goes for $225, which is actually $224.50 more than he deserves, but still. You can book a Zoom call with Brett Favre for $5,000, with Sinbad — THE Sinbad — for $250, or Lance Bass for $1,250.

But if you want to talk for 10 minutes with Jeremy Piven? That will cost you $15,000. FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS.

Honestly, what is there even to say to Jeremy Piven for 10 whole minutes? Actually … we thought about it, and we came up with a few probing questions that would easily kill ten minutes on Zoom. Note: All these questions would be asked while eating sushi.

1. You did four seasons of Ellen with Ellen Degeneres. What are your Ellen Degeneres horror stories?

2. You and John Cusack were best friends for years and appeared together in a number of movies but had a falling out sometime after 2001’s Serendipity. Tell us why?

3. In 2017, your CBS sitcom was canceled in the wake of several sexual assault allegations against you. The entertainment world seemingly canceled you, and yet you have 5 movies currently in production — including one with Robert Downey, Jr., Gerard Butler, and Jamie Foxx — and you are asking for $15,000 to have a 10-minute conversation with you. What does it actually take to cancel someone?

4. Keanu Reeves is also hosting a 15-minute Zoom conversation, as well, which will go to the highest bidder. Keanu is donating all the proceeds to charity. Why aren’t you a good person?

5. Serious question: What does it feel like peaking 28 years ago, and can you reenact the single best moment of your entire career, which came from the movie Singles?

Header Image Source: Warner Bros.