The 'Veronica Mars' Movie Trailer Has Landed, and Good News! It Doesn't Look Good for Piz
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The 'Veronica Mars' Movie Trailer Has Landed, and Good News! It Doesn't Look Good for Piz

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | January 3, 2014 | Comments ()

The first official full-length trailer for the Veronica Mars movie is here, and though it features some footage we’ve already seen, most of it is new. It sets up the plotline: Veronica returns to investigate the murder of Logan’s girlfriend, for which he has been implicated, and that investigation takes her to the 10-year-reunion. There’s a few of the cameo’s we’re anxious to see in the trailer, and it’s been so long since the series, and so much has happened, that I almost forgot that Ryan Hansen’s Dick Casablancas was a douche.

Oh, and Logan/Veronica shippers: The trailer should make you very happy. As for the Veronica/Piz shippers? What is wrong with you?

The film is set to be released in select theaters on March 14th, and I hope that “select theaters” means every goddamn multiplex in the country.

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  • Rebecca Hachmyer

    All the answers will the hidden in the air vents.

  • Jezzer

    "As for the Veronica/Piz shippers? What is wrong with you?"

    We actually like Veronica, and hate seeing her in a poisonous, unhealthy relationship like she had with Logan?

    We don't swoon when Logan stops being a damaged, sociopathic douchebag for ten seconds to rhapsodize about "epic"romances?

    We're smart enough to realize that the only thing that would make Veronica and Logan last is Stockholm Syndrome?

    We hate Jason Dohring and his stupid $cientology smirk?

  • NDNchief

    Yay! I've seen the series from beginning to end, twice.

  • Boom, bitch went down!

    Can. Not. WAIT.

  • PerpetualIntern

    I was just reduced to excited squealing. Pajiba, why you gotta do that to me when I'm at work? Very few people take me seriously after they've heard my excited squealing.

    Also, Mac looks FANTASTIC.

  • LoVe forever

  • WestCoastPat

    My and my wife's reaction halfway through: Deputy Dawg!!!

    Between that and the limited Piz, I'm definitely in.

  • Confucius Jackson

    I never watched Veronica Mars, I fell in love with Kristen Bell through her appearances on Craig Ferguson's show. I'm intrigued by this movie although she's wearing far too many clothes in the trailer.

  • Berry

    You should watch it.

  • Sarah

    This trailer was fantastic except where it identified Piz as the perfect man. Sorry, but LoVe wins.

  • Berry

    1. Poor Logan. This is the third time he's been falsely accused of murder. That kid just can't catch a break.
    2. Shut up, Piz.

    3. My husband's comment: "Where's Duncan?"
    4. My co-worker's comment: "Looks suspenseful. But I don't get it."

  • Classic

    Ahhh Logan. I am going to totally do a marathon before the movie comes out. Also seriously who likes Piz?

  • Berry

    I could maybe like Piz (dorky and sweet is like so totally my type) if he wasn't so... smug. So impressed with his own adorableness. And if he was a bit better developed as a character. And wasn't constantly propped up as the "Perfect Nice Guy." And if he hadn't taken screen time from Weevil and Wallace during season 3.

    So, in other words, if he was a different character in another show, I might like him. Chris Lowell can stay though. He's cool.

  • kimk

    At least the TPTB and the cast seem to have a good natured awareness of Piz's (god that name) general poor popularity. Chris Lowell comes across like a cool, likable guy, though, so I guess I don't mind Piz's (acck) presence in the movie, as long as it is limited and Veronica doesn't stay with him at the end.

    I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE (rare instance where all caps is warranted).

  • Berry

    He's not going to stay till the end. The way they frame Piz as the perfect safe choice in the beginning of the movie, they might as well come out and say he's the guy who'll be gone gone gone long before the story's over. That's just the way these things work.

  • Classic

    I hope so. I freaking loved her and Logan together. Their heat was crazy.

  • Rebecca Hachmyer

    I think the main reason I root against Piz is his stupid name. That, and he simply isn't Logan. There is always a point in my marathon that I begin to question why I want Veronica/Logan to happen but by the time he gives her Logan-face across the food court I am right there. Again.

    Edit: Actually, the moment I start actively rooting AGAINST Piz is when he calls Veronica's body a "wonderland."

  • Berry

    For me it's the "I'm a lover, not a fighter" + the smug little smirk and fake self-deprecating eye-roll. Ugh.

  • Holly Martins

    So now I'll have to binge-watch Veronica Mars. *sigh*

  • kinoumenthe

    Oh, the horror, the horror it is, I tell you.
    *double sigh* + *hand to forehead and dramatic plunge onto the couch in front of the tv*

  • cox

    Honestly, you should do that anyway.

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