"The Games Have Always Been a Little Gay." And That's How Canada Likes It.

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"The Games Have Always Been a Little Gay." And That's How Canada Likes It.

By Courtney Enlow | Videos | February 6, 2014 | Comments ()


The Sochi Olympics has already been one bit ball of fucked. Between anti-gay laws, terrorism and those poor, poor stray dogs, it’s pretty much been a disaster and it hasn’t even started yet. But one of the biggest points of controversy remains the selection of an anti-gay country for what is arguably the gay-heaviest of Olympic seasons. Figure skating! Bobsledding! Those sexy, sexy luges! That’s why the Candadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion released this video, honoring what the games are truly all about: hot luger on luger action (remember, it’s just a letter away from lube).

Remember. In a time of disinclusion, there are no winners. Only lugers.

(Hat Tip: SJ Baconhands)

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  • Njirk

    How about this satirical video made for Dutch TV:

  • e jerry powell

    It should be noted that PETA is not concerned with the killing of stray dogs in Sochi. Not that that should come as a surprise.

  • Lee

    If you're not at least a little gay in life, you're just not trying.

  • Cera

    Off topic
    Sorry, there's a lot wrong with Sochi but the stray dog issue is such a controversy for the sake of controversy. If a kid got accidentally injured/killed by a stray dog, then it would've been a whole other bonanza and a stray dog witch-hunt would've started in all of Russia. All the so called civilized Western countries, euthanize stray dogs in a matter of days without any fuss but the Russians do it and it's the dogs' apocalypse. How many millions are euthanized in America? What do you think is gonna happen with the 50.000 stray dogs of Detroit? Does anybody think they'll all get adopted? Honestly.
    Sure, in a fair world, all animals would live happily ever after but this national sport of picking on Russian Olympics is bordering meme territory.
    There are some real problems and then there's the old Cold War vibe going on.

  • Fleetwood Mac Sex Pants

    Disagree, strongly. I won't contest that what you say is true about dog overpopulation in Russia and in many Eastern European countries - and in fact, this was something that made the news in Greece back in 2004, when they also exterminated thousands of dogs like so many termites. However, it's not "controversy for the sake of controversy", because not only have Russians and visitors to the Olympics from around the world been promised by local government, Putin and the IOC that the dog problem in Sochi would be handled humanely, the problem was also exacerbated immensely by the construction of the Olympic village and venues. As this article also details, the euthanasias are being carried out in a way that would absolutely NEVER be deemed acceptable humane practice in any Western country, and certainly not in Detroit - I am an RVT in Canada and to my knowledge, we do not suffocate our stray dogs with poison darts, and then pile them up in the backs of trucks to die slowly and painfully. If this had happened four years ago in Vancouver, the world would have been outraged, and rightly so - why should we hold Russia to a lesser standard? http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02...

    ps Super proud to be Canadian when I watch that video up there. Thanks for sharing Courtney, and you're bang on the money as always, with all of this.

  • Cera

    I'm hardly a fan of shooting animals for sport. What they did in Ukraine wasn't any better either.
    But honestly, where's FIFA, where's IOC. They're shooting dogs in Russia but in Qatar, people are treated as slaves and are dropping dead. Where is the institutional outrage?

    And I'm being completely cynical here, but how is shooting a dog, any different from shooting a rabbit? It's not like defenseless animals aren't shot for sport in America and I doubt hunters only go for the pesky rodents. What about places where they boil dogs alive. Why don't we get outrage about them too... Sure, it's horrible, but ultimately you're still applying double standards. What about the Faroese, the Japanese, Sea Word, the Spanish with their bullfights, don't tell me the bulls there, have it easy. And the list could continue. What about pigs getting strangled? Or the slaughtered American horses and when they banned slaughter, the horses got shipped to Mexico.
    http://web.archive.org/web/200... So on, so forth.

    I know that Americans and European generally have a sensitive stomach but with all the corruption and incompetence in these countries, it's better that they shoot them. I know it sounds horrible, but in Romania after a boy was tragically mauled (the death is controversial), a campaign started to collect the dogs, a law was passed where the dogs would be supposedly humanly put to sleep and I've seen pictures with bloody kennels (where nothing humane could've happen). There have been numerous reports where dogs that should've been euthanized, were poisoned, beaten to death, starved to death.

    As regards the strays in Russia, the ones from the cities keep the wild ones out.

    And unfortunately, the "abuse your dog" mentality is prevalent everywhere. For every RSPCA rescue, there are a dozen abused. In Spain, I heard that some abandon their old dogs in what I think amount to kill shelters.

    It'd be great if people would act like responsible owners and understood that a pet is a not a toy. Unfortunately that's not the case and animals will continue to suffer.

  • Fleetwood Mac Sex Pants

    Oh trust, you don't have to tell me about any of this stuff. I'm aware of all the things you speak of, because animal advocacy is one thing that I'm passionate about. I just reject the idea that getting upset about the way these animals are treated somehow detracts from my ability to be upset about the myriad other horrific offences being perpetrated on human beings in Sochi and all over the world. I believe the human heart is big enough to know that suffering is suffering, regardless of what living thing is feeling it (and shooting an animal, the way that a hunter might, is actually considered a humane method of euthanasia for animals if it's done properly, i.e. with a kill shot - shooting animals with poison darts that cause them to suffocate slowly and painfully until they die, is not). So my outrage and my compassion are big enough to speak for not just the dogs, but for the LGBTQIA people being targeted in Russia, for victims of terrorism, for people who are enslaved - all of it. I stand opposed to all of it. But none of these, including any of the terrible things being done to animals in Sochi and the world over, is a manufactured controversy - all suffering is valid, and we should all fight to put an end to it whenever we can.

    ETA: I'm not actually against euthanasia as a practice, either. As an RVT I have performed the procedure myself, more times than I care to remember. But when I did it, those animals experienced minimal pain and they did not linger to suffer. Also the last thing they saw in the world was people who loved them - including and maybe especially the homeless strays. Alli Boyd said it best - the real shame here is the way this is being carried out, and the fact that there is no public education/spay and neuter program in place to help the residents of Sochi prevent this from happening in the future.

  • Cera

    Well, I'm against euthanasia as a practice so that's why ultimately it's still termination of life either way - only one offends us and one makes us sleep better at night. Though I don't about those shelters that euthanize by gas in North Carolina. Or even by injection, there have tones of cases where dogs became increasingly agitated, panicked, all in all in pain/ agony. So sure to each, its own.

    That's why I find this is controversy just for the sake of controversy since dog abandonment, overpopulation and culling is not just a Russian matter.

    And while you may care deeply about this issue and others, most are just indignant for the sake of indignation. Oh those evil Russians, so barbaric. I'm not saying one cause is worthier than the other but double standards and hypocrisy are prevalent in this binary discourse.
    I mean how many grass-roots for spaying and educating owners did they do in their neighbors? How many animals did they personally save? Expecting Putin to take care of stray dogs is ridiculous, just because he said so.

    But sure, call me a moral relativist.

  • A big part of the reason it is an issue is that they are not trying to spay/neuter to avoid the problem repeating itself in the future. Also they are not euthanizing the animals, they are shooting them: http://globalnews.ca/news/1132...

    I used to be a veterinary assistant and I have been present for many euthanizations and it is sometimes necessary and the animals do not seem to suffer. Getting shot I imagine is a painful way to go.

  • NateMan

    That story leaves a lot of details out. The dogs are mostly shot because they can't be caught in any sort of feasible numbers. In order to make any significant dent in the dog population you'd have to sterilize the vast majority of females - dogs, like coyotes, can replenish up to 70% of their population in a single good year. If you're sterilizing and then releasing dogs, you're going to waste resources - which are often in scarce supply. And it'd be a pretty expensive process.

    For the record, I'm not a fan of shooting dogs. It's terrible, and everyone involved should be ashamed for letting it come to this. They've had decades to deal with the problem.

  • Cera

    I've read so many horror stories from various animal shelters in various places in Europe and elsewhere, that I'm probably desensitized, but I honestly doubt that they would've done it by the book, either way. And why would you think that all veterinarians ought to adhere to an ethical and empathetic code? If it happens in a country, it happens in most if not in all. And that's the unfortunate truth.

  • NateMan

    Agreed. It's sad but the fact of the matter is that in Eastern Europe and Russia there's quite literally tens of thousands of vicious feral dogs. It's been an issue since the USSR broke up, to the point where I learned about it in my environmental science classes in college around 2001. It's not the dogs' fault, but they're a serious threat and no way they could ever be adopted due to the fact they're essentially wild. They've been killing them for decades and barely make a dent.

  • foolsage

    That commercial was awesome.

  • Three_nineteen

    Almost everything should be at least a little gay.

  • e jerry powell

    I'm making that happen as much as I can...

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Everything is super when you're gay!

  • lowercase_ryan

    Pretty sure everything is.

  • Ian Fay

    If finding women's curling incredibly, inexplicably hot is wrong, I don't want to be right.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    and yet curling is one of those sports segregated for no apparent reason. (did you see NY Times article on Scottish curling captain/model?)

  • Barbara John

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    ☛☛☛ ☛☛𐀿☛ ☛☛☛￴☛ ☛☛☛That’s why the Candadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion released this video, honoring what the games are truly all about

  • BWeaves

    I think it's the whole "using brooms is women's work" thang.

  • Ian Fay

    I will soon.

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