Russell Crowe Still Trying to Make Russell Crowe the Singer Happen, Sings 'Folsom Prison Blues' on Fallon

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Russell Crowe Still Trying to Make Russell Crowe the Singer Happen, Sings 'Folsom Prison Blues' on Fallon

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | March 28, 2014 | Comments ()

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For some reason, yesterday I was actually poking around YouTube and trying to find amusing instances of Russell Crowe singing performances, and for the most part, they were dull. He does actually have a little-seen music video in which he duets with Chrissie Hynde, and the juxtaposition of her voice and his, uh, non-voice is grating, borderline painful. Here, he duets with Patti Smith and is smart enough to be mostly a supplemental voice instead of a lead one. He doesn’t acquit himself much better here, singing a Les Mis song with Hugh Jackman on an Australian Awards Show, although they at least seem to be having a great time.

Last night, he continued his proud tradition of substandard singing performances by taking up a Johnny Cash classic on Fallon. It’s not so much that it’s bad, it’s just uninspired, although Fallon can do wonders on the harmonica.

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  • Ed

    He was a minor pop star in New Zealand when he was much younger. Went by "Rus le Roq". No, I'm not making that up.

  • My ovaries still love him.

  • Laura

    It's like he's trying to be Elvis singing a Johnny Cash song. It's.... unsettling. But I had no idea Jimmy could play harmonica! He should have John Popper on!

  • I don't know, I think he has a decent voice for that sort of country/rockabilly kind of music. Granted, he does lag behind whatever skinny jean and ironic mustache wearing, ukulele and dulcimer playing indie band is currently tearing up the charts over at NPR, but I'm sure with a little training he could scale even that lofty summit.

  • PDamian

    I've heard worse in pretty decent venues. Were he a young unknown trying to go pro, I wouldn't mind hearing him perform in my favorite dive -- although I doubt I'd spring for the CD at the door.

  • Everything Russel Crow has done since LA Confidential/Gladiator has quashed the enormous crush I had on Russel Crow due to LA Confidential/Gladiator.

  • Siege

    I hadn't seen LA Confidential until about six months ago, and could NOT figure out what people saw in Russell Crowe. Then I finally saw the movie and was like "Okay. Yes. I get it now. Commence to drooling."



    It's almost, but not quite, enough to wipe the images of The Man with the Golden Fists out of my brain. (If you have not seen this movie make sure you never do. It's both terrible and it features Russel Crow at his least attractive).

  • Do you mean Man With The Iron Fists? The one with Lucy Liu and The RZA? I do disagree with your assessment of that film...but I cannot say your assessment of Crowe's appearanceall that off.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    It's gloriously bad.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I actually just like seeing Russell Crowe so loose. He seems to always have his guard up. He also kinda looks like John Goodman's brother to me here.

  • kirbyjay

    How many times do I have to tell you Pajiba overlords to LEAVE RUSSELL ALONE!!! He can do what he wants, when he wants and how he wants and if he wants to sing, YOU WILL LISTEN!!!
    How would you like me to say that Benedict Cumberbatch, Anna Kendrick, Tom Hardy, Alison Brie and Bill Murray all suck?

  • Preach it, Kirby.

  • Samantha Klein

    You guys, objectively speaking, he's not bad. Ok, fine, he's not Johnny Cash. But how many people can you say "Here's a guitar" to, and they'll get up and sell it? Can you do that? Frankly, I hear worse performances on the radio on the regular.

    And I don't think he's "trying to make Russell Crowe the singer" happen, I think he just likes making music. If you watch the rest of his interview, he makes some fairly self-deprecating jokes about his past bands.

    When will the hate end? Sheesh.

  • Classic

    LMAO! Sorry kirbyjay but he is just...bad. I love Russell too! I think he can act rings around others when he tries and I still love to re-watch "Breaking Up".

  • Solidarity fist-bump, yo. "Virtuosity" is one of my guiltiest pleasures.

  • BWeaves

    We'd leave him alone if he was a talented singer.

    Russell Crowe gets to sing, because he's like that gorilla joke. Where does a gorilla sleep? Anywhere he wants to.

  • StellaOliver

    I didn't even have to press play. The expressions on the faces of the Roots are priceless.

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