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Merry Cumberbatchmas! Enjoy This 7 Minute 'Sherlock' Mini-sode!

By Joanna Robinson | Videos | December 24, 2013 | Comments ()

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When we got home from The Hobbit 2: The Smaugening, my friend and I popped on the first episode of Sherlock. Apparently an hour or so of the CGI Cumberbatch ear bath wasn’t enough, we needed more. I’ve been on a bit of Sherlock bender ever since, so I was absolutely primed for this 7 minute Christmas mini-sode the BBC released in advance of the Series 3 premiere. Is 7 minutes enough? No, surely not, but we’ll take it. The plot involved a whole lot of Anderson, his ginger beard and his crackpot “Elvis is alive” theories about Sherlock. As a result we get LOADS of teasing Cumberbatch glimpses but only a little full-blown Batching. But enjoy the slim fingers, elegant wrists, curly-haired outline and popped collar of your favorite uncouth sleuth.

Three cheers for Martin Freeman and LeStrade’s sexy depression scruff as well. Merry Cumberbatchmas, one and all. Sherlock series 3 begins in the U.S. on January 19th, 2014. Consider this three or so patches to tide you over until then.


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  • Mmmm, Lestrade. Also, I didn't think it possible to humanize Anderson, but I rather like him in this. His obsession is sort of endearing, but it must be frustrating to be so right and yet have no one believe you. I hope he does get his job back, and that he returns to being a total prick. Also, when you said "ginger beard," I thought you were talking about a girlfriend. Whoops!

  • profession: none, or starlet

    I just love the idea that Anderson has moved from Sherlock-hater to full-on unemployed fanboy crackpot. I bet Donovan dumped him.

  • Jiffylush

    Spoiler alert: He really is dead and they are going to bring Lucy Liu on to pal around with Martin Freeman for another two mini seasons.

  • Jim

    I know they were throwing this together for the interwebs but was the continuity person bound and gagged in a closet? Moment to moment John kept changing which leg was crossed over the other - no one's moved their legs around that fast since the senior prom.

  • BWeaves

    Lestrade headdesk. Best thing I've seen today.

    Also, they really should not backlight Freeman's ears.

  • Robert

    Is The Hobbit 2 canon to the Sherlock universe now? I think it should be.

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