John Oliver and Bill Nye Artfully Demonstrate the Fundamental Problem With the Global Warming Debate
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John Oliver and Bill Nye Artfully Demonstrate the Fundamental Problem With the Global Warming Debate

By Vivian Kane | Videos | May 12, 2014 | Comments ()


John Oliver is proving to be a master of cramming an entire week’s worth of snark into one half hour. In the most recent Last Week Tonight, he brought on Bill Nye, the one and only Science Guy, to rock a bow tie and highlight the problem with the ongoing debate over the existence of climate change. Namely, that that’s a stupid thing to debate because it’s just fact and anyone who denies it’s happening is an idiot who doesn’t deserve our time.

It’s a great response to this recent video, and all others like it, in which the “debate” over climate change is really a battle of who can talk loudest.

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  • I just caught the part before Bill Nye was on. After that my ancient DVR had to change the channel to record more than one show but I was laughing very hard at the opinions of facts like, "Do Owls Exist?"

  • manting

    His bit about the death penalty last week was great too.

  • e jerry powell

    It was a good bit and I stand by it.

  • chanohack

    That was everything I could have hoped and more.

  • e jerry powell

    Of course.

  • emmalita

    I love your Science Bitch. Thanks with continuing to carry the ball on this one.

  • e jerry powell

    Science BITCHES, thank you...

  • emmalita

    This particular Science Bitch is my favorite.

  • e jerry powell

    @chanohack is my favorite Science Bitch.

  • chanohack

    NO. YOU.

  • lukebc

    The stupid masses are exactly that. THERE I SAID IT. Reminds me of
    this video floating around where some guy is asking fat stupid murcans
    question like "point to this map where (insert names of some well known
    country like Germany)" and none of the fat stupid murcans can correctly
    point to it (yes I know the video is heavily edited for desired
    effects). But the fact is most fat stupid murcans are more hell bent
    on watching TLC or ESPN than to fill their heads about important facts
    that affects their lives.

    All one has to do is show a picture of Glacier National Park. BLACK AND WHITE photographs showed the glaciers of Glacier NP. Naturalist have exalted about the glaciers in Glacier NP since white folks "discovered" Glacier NP in the early 1800s. People exalted on the hundreds of glaciers in GNP throughout the early and mid-1900s. Then starting around the 1970s or so, the glaciers in GNP started to disappear. The 160 or so glaciers of GNP have been whittled down to around 20 now.

    Mt. Kilimanjaro. EVERYTHING I wrote above about Glacier National Park can be applied to the snowfields and glaciers on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. From the time of the British imperialists "discovered" Mt. Kilimanjaro in the 1800s, to the latter 1900s, Mt. Kilimanjaro was exalted for it's snow at the top. Well there are no more glaciers and snowfields on the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

    If the average fat stupid murcan was told what I wrote above would they
    then realize that JUST MAYBE, that global warming IS real?

  • _Alexander_

    That's why instead of convincing people about Global Warming I think it's wiser to simply stress on how much more economical it would be to go green and how the people themselves can profit like this

    Appealing to people's better nature rarely works. Appealing to fact that they can save some $$$$$ though...that can work wonders

  • Frank P. Gengo IV

    Bill Nye has done great work, and I know he's the face of the issue, but it would be nice to see an actual climatologist on TV with/instead of him.

  • manting

    the problem with climate change (and science in general) is that it lacks a charismatic spokesperson. NDT is filling that void and Bill Nye has been doing it for years. Its just sucks that most scientists are really shitty at conveying the imminent danger of climate change in a palatable way to the skeptical americans. Watch Bill Nye debate Ken Hamm about evolution
    Bill Nye DESTOYS him but Ken Hamm has that great accent and is just so nice that it makes Bill Nye appear to be a big meannie. Americans like their info from handsome people with sonorous voices and nice hair. This is why NDT needs to be on talkshows and the news constantly, he can singlehandedly change opinion on science in a few years if he gets out there enough on Fox and other hostile to science bastions.

  • lozymandias

    Not linking to the attack ad on Mitch McConnell video then? I thought it was quite expressive...

  • Mrs. Julien

    Is your avatar some kind of kingfisher?

  • lozymandias

    That it be.

  • Parsnip

    Certainly in the eye.

  • Jericho Smith

    Great. Remove the spammer and leave me here looking like an idiot.

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