Is Vincent Kartheiser Auditioning to Take On the Role of Rust Cohle, Or Do You Think He's Just Working Through Some Stuff?

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Is Vincent Kartheiser Auditioning to Take On the Role of Rust Cohle, Or Do You Think He's Just Working Through Some Stuff?

By Vivian Kane | Videos | March 24, 2014 | Comments ()


Are you missing True Detective more than you can stand? Is there a McConaughey-shaped hole in your heart that you need to fill? Well, don’t worry because Vincent Kartheiser is here to fill that void with weird, fascinating, Nietzschean ramblings on the state of mankind.

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Let’s make the red carpet a place of silent reflection, ok?

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Vivian Kane really wants to bring back the word “happenchance.”

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  • Strand

    I heard a while back that he's a bit of an oddball ascetic who donates nearly all his acting money. I'm sure there's a story that led up to it.

  • Souprcrackers

    I think there are still some scars from his childhood.

  • "It's a frivolous emotion, really." Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

  • Ash_Ketchum1


  • JoannaRobinson


  • This is why Vincent Kartheiser commentary tracks alone are worth buying the Mad Men sets.

  • Leigh

    Ahhh... he needs to be wearing a hounds-tooth blazer with elbow patches. He is totally the crazy professor that no one likes because he rambles about nothing and can't stay on the topic at hand. Go back to your musty office with the piles of decaying manuscripts and be quiet.

  • LL

    mhh.. but everything he said was true. maybe it was the delivery that is off-putting.

  • Leigh

    Respectfully disagree. According to him, people generally aren't happy, but they can be content? I suppose I agree with him that it isn't something to achieve. But... most people aren't "constitutionally capable" of happiness? I find that ridiculous. It's a choice. Anyone, at any moment, can choose to be happy.

  • Blake Shrapnel

    And the role of Marty Hart will now be played by James Wolk.

  • Ryan Ambrose

    One would think being married to Rory Gilmore would inject rainbows and sunshine into a man's life.

  • LL

    are they still together?

  • Blake Shrapnel

    They're engaged, last I heard.

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