Hooray! Fat Jonah Hill is Back in this Week's 'SNL' Promo

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | March 7, 2012 | Comments ()


Jonah Hill is hosting "Saturday Night Live" this weekend for the second time, out in support of his new film, 21 Jump Street (read our review). Here's the promo.

Someone with an immense amount of time on their hands should grade all this season's "SNL" promos, and then compare them to the grades of the actual shows. I suspect there would be no correlation, except that most would be in the C range (for promos) compared to the D range (for the show), but I'm giving Jonah Hill's "SNL" promo a B, mostly for Bill Hader.

It is also good to see that Jonah Hill is regaining his old physique. I mean that seriously. I remember reading a study several years back that said we all have a "natural" weight. We can move the needle a few pounds this way or that, but over time, we tend to return to our "natural weights." That's apparently what has happened to Hill, who does in fact look more natural at this weight. This right here: Not natural:


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