Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler Duet on Fallon, and Damn! When Did Sandler Let Himself Go?
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Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler Duet on Fallon, and Damn! When Did Sandler Let Himself Go?

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | February 27, 2014 | Comments ()

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 9.08.27 AM.png

Adam Sandler hasn’t exactly been the picture of perfect health in his last decade worth of movies (and lucky me, I’ve seen them all), but damn son, you’re on a late-night show. The Tonight Show. Would it kill you to put on a decent pair of pants? It looks like he just stumbled out of his basement, where he’d been in some kind of fight with his Little Debbie snacks, and Little Debbie won.

Drew Barrymore, deep into her pregnancy, is lovely as always, as the two duet about their movie marriage together over the last two decades. It’s sweet, but I can also smell Sandler from here.

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  • Maddy

    I always just feel like Drew Barrymore should be so much better than having to hang out with gross Adam Sandler

  • ASFan

    My God. They don't even look like a match for each other anymore. I can't believe anyone thinks Blended is gonna recapture what they once had.

  • Arran

    To be honest, if I were rich enough and didn't have to give a shit, I'd probably wear sweatpants in public too.

  • If I were rich enough and didn't have to give a shit, I wouldn't even wear pants. And you know people would let me get away with it too.

  • Arran

    Why do you think they call him Warren "Fuck Pants, Bro" Buffett?

  • I remember Chris Rock talking about this in a stand-up special once, as a difference between black people and white people. Something to the effect of "I don't dress in these suits because I love fashion, I do it because I don't want to be arrested for drunken loitering or offered a dollar bill and a "god bless you, man" every time I stand still. My best friend Adam Sandler has a bazillion dollars and wears sweats everywhere he goes, everywhere, ever. He has that luxury. I don't."

  • chanohack

    I love Drew Barrymore SO MUCH that I don't even care that Sandler went on TV in his pjs after someone apparently punched him in the eye. That was really cute, 98% thanks to Drew and 2% from Jimmy.

  • ASFan

    Let's be real, though. Adam and Drew don't look right for each other anymore.

  • chanohack

    TOTES, but who's even looking at him? She's adorable. (Seriously though, their new movie looks awful, and I blame him.)

  • ASFan

    I saw the trailer with Anchorman 2 in a relatively packed theater and it only got a few mild chuckles.

  • Erin S

    They actually addressed this in Brooklyn Nine-Nine a couple of weeks ago, when he showed up (playing himself) to a fancy auction dressed pretty similarly to his look above. Maybe it's just his thing now.

  • ASFan

    I think that's always been his thing.

  • RilesSD

    He's always dressed like that. Same pants even...

  • Guest

    He's always dressed like that...

  • dilwazr

    It also kind of bugs me that he got/wrote for himself all the "funny" lines.

  • kirbyjay

    Maybe he realized what a burr on the asshole of humanity his movies are and has decided to become a stinky recluse.
    Yeah, I don't get Adam Sandler and I never never never will.

  • mairimba

    Ya. Only Kevin Smith can get away with dressing like a teenager who lives with his parents.

  • duckandcover

    Even though he dresses like that, his hair and beard are usually kept neat and trimmed. He also keeps Jason Mewes off of drugs by keeping him working with something or the other, so Kevin Smith can keep on keepin' on with his man-child self.

  • wsapnin

    he has a wife. I blame her for letting him out of the house looking like that. While some men are right dandy dressers, when your husband has a tendency to dress like a middle school boy, you take control. It's science.

  • JustOP

    Sandler may have made some stinkers, but I've always liked him for the guy he is. But there's also been this nagging feeling that there's some sorta sadness behind him (which is why I think Click worked so well). I guess his appearance here sorta solidifies that.

  • helenskor

    I think that sadness is part of the reason why I adore him so much in movies like Spanglish and Funny People.

  • I always thought his performance in Punch Drunk Love was most affecting. He takes the man-child rage that's played for laughs in other movies and it's recontextualized into something completely different.

  • Yocean

    That was a nice Wedding Singer throw back but Jesus, could it have hurt him to wear something that looked decent in any way? Also it seems he got some well deserved punch in his eye. Good.

  • e jerry powell

    ...and he got drunk on that punch.

  • Uriah_Creep

    I see what you did there...

  • e jerry powell

    Was I trying to hide it?

  • BlackRabbit

    "If you love something, let it go."

  • googergieger


  • Sara_Tonin00


    they *need* role models in trackpants.

  • Less Lee Moore

    ROFL. I didn't see this but your descriptions are hilarious.

  • Davis

    Body shaming supreme but yes he is a scruffy fucker

  • Mrs. Julien

    Yes, but no, but unprofessional shaming.

  • "I'm Crazy Sweatshirt Guy. Lookit me. I'm wearing your Dad's sweatshirt."


  • Jiffylush

    Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler Duet on Fallon, and Damn! When Did Sandler Let Himself Go?"


  • pajiba


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