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Do What This Man Says

By | Videos | February 8, 2011 | Comments ()


I was working on a long, thoughtful piece filled with insightful observations and crackling comedy. Then Prince snapped off on Kim Kardashian and all that thoughtful shit had to go.


Really. He's Prince. There's like seven people on Earth who can defy Prince with impunity and the only one who hasn't killed at least a dozen people is Bishnu Shrestha, and he single-handedly held off 40 would-be rapists with a machete.

Prince calls you up on stage and tells you to shake your ass, YOU SHAKE THAT MOTHERFUCKER. I shouldn't have to tell y'all that. What the hell are kids learning in these public schools?

Jason Harris has a "Sexy MF" tattoo in a place you can't see.

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