Chris Pratt's Perfect Humanness Now Involves Psychic Abilities

By Vivian Kane | Videos | August 4, 2014 | Comments ()

By Vivian Kane | Videos | August 4, 2014 |


A video of Chris Pratt doing behind-the-scenes extras for Parks and Recreation appeared on YouTube back in February, but is now making the internet rounds. In it, Pratt makes a dumb joke about being too important to talk to Steven Spielberg about doing Jurassic Park 4. The video is supposedly from 2010, years before Pratt was even a blip on Spielberg’s dino-radar. This, of course only leaves one possibility: That Chris Pratt is an amazing superhero with powers of precognition! And probably also flight and time travel!

There is some speculation that this video may be a horrific hoax, just a mere marketing ploy for the next movie. Pratt is, after all, framed only from the neck up. Why would he do that except to cover ALL THE MUSCLES he now has.

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