Who is the 'True Detectives' Yellow King? Forget That: Who Are The 5 Horsemen?

By Dustin Rowles | TV Reviews | February 22, 2014 | Comments ()


One of our longtime readers, L.O.V.E. emailed me after a few beers last night (I hope I’m not ruining anyone’s image of you, L.O.V.E.) with a ‘True Detective’ theory he’d been pondering.

Cohle already “drew” us a picture of the KILLERS. the beer can people all got the yellow Lone stars. Crowns! A bunch of yellow kings in a circle killing. Those look a lot like Shields. The yellow kings are cops gone bad. That’s why he had to go deeeeep undercover. Trust no one shit.

That makes a weird amount of sense, if you think about it. Cohle trying to get the attention of the “company men” who were interrogating them by drawing them a picture with beer cans, warning them that there were so good ole boys behind all of this.

There’s more evidence to support this, specifically the similarities between those beer can men and and two other images.

Here’s the beer can men.

4ak6MHq (1).jpg

Here’s Dora Lange and the 5 horseman (from a picture in the house of Dora Lange’s mother).


Here’s the dolls assembled by Hart’s daughters.


What we’re looking for are the 5 horseman, and the Yellow King who runs them (the Task Force). The detectives were not friendly to Cohle in the opening episodes. Why aren’t we looking at these good ole boys?

Reverend Tuttle: Yellow King

Five Horseman

Detective Lutz

Major Ken Quesada

Detective Demma

Detective Favre

Detective Mark Daughtry

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